Saoirse Ronan wouldn't date a co-star

Saoirse Ronan says she would never date a co-star as when she works with them she seems them in a "very different way".

Saoirse Ronan wouldn't date a co-star

Saoirse Ronan would never date a co-star.

The 'Mary Queen of Scots' star doesn't think she'd ever get into a relationship with someone she has acted alongside as she gets to know her colleagues in a "very different way".

She said: "I don't date. I'm not eccentric at all, but I just honestly don't know what I'd do on a date. And the people you meet through work you get to know in a very different way. You work with them, you're in a group together. So, suddenly, the whole notion of dating them is, to me, just ewww!"

And the 24-year-old actress admits she is "such an old woman" and isn't one to rush out to a club on a Friday night.

Speaking to The Times newspaper's Saturday Review, she added: "I'm such an old woman. Every now and then I'll go out on a big night, but I've never been one of those people who are, like, 'Yeah! F*** it! It's Friday night! Let's do it!'"

Meanwhile, Saoirse previously admitted fame can be "distracting".

She shared: "I can see how it can be distracting, especially when you do get a bit more recognisable, and maybe you're sort of in the public eye a little bit more and stuff.

"But if you're aware of why it is you're doing this - it should be because you love it - it keeps you quite level-headed."

Despite the success she's enjoyed as an actress, Saoirse often goes about her day to day life unnoticed and she has revealed that a large number of people still don't realise that she's Irish.

She added: "You know, most people still don't know that I'm Irish. I have a lot of people coming up to me in Ireland lately, when I've been home, and friends of mine who apparently love me say that my voice is very, very loud and it travels across time and space ... I was in a supermarket the other day and someone was like, 'Is it you, is it yourself?' I was like, 'Who do you think I am?' 'Are you Saoirse? I didn't know it was you by looking at you, but I heard your voice.' So it tends to be the voice."

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