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From 'SuperStars' to Super Parents: Candyce Toh & Ang Junyang

IN BED WITH: Married life is not always a bed of roses, as with any relationship there are bound to be ups and downs, especially when a baby comes along the way. Just ask Candyce Toh and Ang Junyang

The happy family: Junyang, Azalea and Candyce
Photos: Lee Layna

Sugar, spice and everyday squabbles: Married life is not always a bed of roses and with every relationship there are bound to be ups and downs, as seen in this couple’s 11-year romance. For most of their courtship and early days of marriage, Candyce and Junyang were separated by distance as they lived and worked in different countries (he was based in China and Taiwan while she was based in Singapore), but they made things work and are now proud parents to 6-month-old Azalea Ang.

As former Project SuperStar contestants turned lovers, Junyang and Candyce are polar opposites – he’s a little more in tune with his emotions and his sensitive side while she’s ‘hardier’ than your average girl and seldom wears her heart on her sleeve despite her demure and feminine appearance; he’s the kan cheong spider (a colloquial term to describe an anxious person) and she’s a laidback chillax soul.

And you know what they say about opposites attracting and complementing each other.

After more than a decade together, the couple bare their hearts on Toggle’s In Bed With interview. Did you know that Junyang attempted to win Candyce’s heart with throat candy and intense stares during the PSS competition, but these little tricks failed to work their magic on his fair lady (unsurprisingly) and she only changed her mind after a serious work accident…?

Emotions ran high, some tears were shed and punches were thrown as this couple remembered their relationship milestones and shared about the little quirks that annoy the hell out of each other. Welcome to the married life of Candyce and Junyang.

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Their ‘unimpressionable’ first impressions of each other

Junyang didn’t leave the best first impression on Candyce due to his tanned skin tone and baggy outfits. Plus, it didn’t help that he was lacking in EQ (emotional quotient) when it came to conveying his interest. She didn’t even know he was trying to get on her good books during their competition days on PSS because of his “woody” personality and the lack of romantic vibes until their fellow contestants started pointing it out to her.

Candyce recalled, “The people around me kept telling me that Junyang is really nice to me and because we were all in PSS back then, we loved eating this throat candy that’d help our vocals during the singing performances. So there was once he walked over to where I was seated with the rest of the girls and offered it to me without acknowledging the rest. Everyone wondered if they were invisible to him! (Laughs)”

To further drive home that he clearly only had eyes for her, Junyang revealed that he’d fix his gaze on her when singing, like that one time he was performing David Tao’s ‘Ai Hen Jian Dan’ during the competition. He had both personal and work reasons for doing so: A good friend once told him not to let his gaze wander when he is singing, so what he did was to concentrate and focus his gaze on Candyce, who he was currently trying to pursue and who was conveniently seated in his direction.

Well, his plans to charm the socks off her using his eyes didn’t work out… what Junyang did next, however, won her over.


The first time they saw each other as life partners

Candyce’s love awakening, or should we say “enlightenment”, came much earlier than Junyang’s, when she accidentally broke her arm during a cheerleading rehearsal for the President’s Star Charity show 10 years ago.

The mother of one recalled him fussing over her wellbeing in front of everyone even though they weren’t an item yet. He also “skipped rehearsals to accompany me to the hospital”, chuckled Candyce, and “called his mum and dad to go to the hospital” so as to give him updates about her condition when he had to go back to work.

That was when she knew he was “The One” – when he risked it all to be with her. But before they could walk down the aisle, start a family of their own and spend the rest of their lives together, they had a few more hurdles ahead of them, one of which involved Junyang’s decision to give up his career as a singer and go abroad to work behind-the-scenes as a music producer.

Things got only tougher for him after the career switch because he had to “fight it out with the crème de la crème of the music industry” when he started work in Taiwan and China. Through the hard times, including a subsequent job switch to a different recording company, where he earned even less than at his previous job, Candyce never once complained about their situation.

She was the breadwinner, recalled Junyang, eyes welling up. “She didn’t say anything and just silently supported me… She took on many jobs and most of the income came from her. Because of that, I made the decision to get married in 2010.”

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