Ah Boys go gaga over Maxi Lim’s butt?

Cast members of Jack Neo’s famous series Ah Boys to Men sing praises of Maxi Lim’s ‘bountiful’ bottom

Ah Boys go gaga over Maxi Lim’s butt?
Photo: Dang Hui Ling
Video: Teng Siew Eng

Seems like Wayang King Aloysius Jin got himself in deep trouble in Ah Boys to Men 3: Frogmen, Jack Neo’s third and latest sequel of his renowned army series.

Maxi Lim, who takes on the role of this over-enthusiastic army recruit, received praises for baring his bottom in the film from fellow ah boys Tosh Zhang, Joshua Tan, Wang Weiliang, Charlie Goh, Wesley Wong, Bunz and Jaspers yesterday.

Ah Boys go gaga over Maxi Lim’s butt?
At the press conference on-board the Singapore Navy’s landing platform dock ship RSS Endurance docked at Vivo City Promenade yesterday afternoon, these boys shared their memorable filming experience alongside director Jack Neo and actors Richard Low and Justin Mission.

When these ah boys were asked to rate Maxi’s butt, they showed their greatest support by giving an average of nine out of 10.

“When I saw the scene, I went: ‘Wow, (his butt) is actually not bad ah!’” Tosh said delightfully.

Joshua, who shared the same sentiments as Tosh, exclaimed, “When I saw Maxi’s (butt), I thought ‘wow, so curvy ah!’ It is really ‘bountiful’ so I think it is an excellent (butt).”
Maxi revealed in his interview that the iconic scene was not originally part of his script. It was improvised when the cast had a re-shoot a few weeks after completing the original filming.

However, he showed no signs of worry for having to show his bottom, as his utmost concern was the need to resist his food cravings to maintain a good physique for the film.

“I had no qualms about our tough training but it was truly a torture when we had to go on a restricted diet in addition to our challenging routines,” Maxi moaned.

Maxi shared that the boys could only consume healthy food like brown rice and boiled chicken meat for their four-month preparations before filming started.

Being a food lover, Maxi fell for the temptation of food several times during the filming period, admitting to snacking on comfort food like pizza.

Ah Boys go gaga over Maxi Lim’s butt?
Wang Weiliang grateful for Aileen Tan’s help

Though Weiliang, a.k.a Lobang King, may be best known for his jovial personality and witty jokes in the first two parts of the series, the 28-year-old proved that his acting skills have greatly improved by pushing his boundaries in a deeply emotional scene this time.

Playing the role of veteran local actress Aileen Tan’s son in the new instalment, Weiliang channelled anguish through his tears in the heart-wrenching scene where he confronted his single mother who was leading a dysfunctional life.

Ah Boys go gaga over Maxi Lim’s butt?
When asked on how he got into the mood of the scene, Weiliang frankly revealed that having a similar family background in reality had helped in the interpretation of his role.

“In reality, I also come from a single parent family. My mother spoke to me about my father, though not in great detail, and I could relate it to this scene,” said Weiliang in a sombre tone.

“I used these little bits of information by exaggerating them into bigger problems when I was acting. It really helped me greatly,” Weiliang recounted.

However, the 28-year-old also emphasised that Aileen, being an experienced actress, had guided him greatly and he is deeply grateful for her help.

“Before we began our filming, she approached me to teach and analyse with me on how I should express my feelings. Though I was initially stressed to act alongside her, I began to enjoy the process after a while.”

Ah Boys go gaga over Maxi Lim’s butt?
Jack Neo leaves options open on filming another sequel

With Ah Boys to Men 3: Frogmen said to be the last part of this well-loved series at the moment, these boys, who have gone through thick and thin together, expressed their reluctance to go on their separate ways.

“When director Jack shouted ‘it’s a wrap’, everybody broke into tears one by one,” Justin exposed the cast’s well-kept secret.

“When I was leaving the filming site, flashbacks of the times we have shared kept appearing in my mind,” Weiliang added on.

Speaking on future plans for the boys’ individual careers, Weiliang said he would focus on becoming a television host while Tosh will shift his emphasis back on his YouTube channel as fans had repeatedly asked for updates.

Charlie and Joshua, on the other hand, would further their acting career. The former will star in Channel 5’s upcoming big production while the latter is expected to make an appearance on Channel 5’s upcoming tele-movie and join in a local Mandarin film come April.

Ah Boys go gaga over Maxi Lim’s butt?
Though these boys have planned for their next step in life, director Jack Neo dropped hints on the possibility of filming another sequel.

“There are a lot of things that we have not filmed about the Navy as parts of their training are confidential. If the response for this sequel is good, I wish to explore more,” he chirped.

When asked on what he would count as a ‘good response’, Jack declined to give a definite figure for box office sales but replied wittily, “The more (viewers) the better.”

Ah Boys to Men 3: Frogmen opens in cinemas on Feb 19.

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