Aloysius Pang is a changed man thanks to the MRT

The actor, whose licence was revoked after a drink driving incident, doesn’t seem to miss his car that much


Photos: Tammi Tan, Channel 8
Video: Aaron Ho

For most drivers who are forced to give up their precious vehicles and resort to getting around on public transport, the switch is more often a bane than a boon (especially with the state of Singapore’s MRT system these days, but we digress).

Aloysius Pang, on the other hand, seems to taking it pretty well. Really well, in fact: the 27-year-old, whose licence was revoked in July following his drink driving charge, claims that having to take the train to work “has turned [his] life around for the better”. Say what!?

“I’m walking more and waking up earlier, so it has actually made my life cycle a little healthier than before,” he told us at the press conference for his upcoming drama My Friends From Afar last week. “I’m also more careful with my time so I’m even reaching locations earlier. With driving, you tend to dilly-dally until the last minute before going out, but because I’ve encountered MRT breakdowns before, I tend to leave a lot earlier.”

Aloysius sneaks a selfie in what appears to be a train station (Photo: Aloysius Pang/Instagram)

And there’s the most shocking change of all, which the actor was visibly embarrassed to admit: he downloaded a mobile game to keep him entertained on his commute. Yes, this is the same guy who once dubbed himself “a technology idiot” and declared that he does not concern himself with such activities.

“I’m not proud of it, but because of the spare time [Ed’s note: it takes about 45 minutes for him to get to the Mediacorp Campus via MRT], I downloaded this game called 2048,” he sheepishly admitted. “I used to have Sudoku and chess but I didn’t want to use so much brain power and tire myself out. [We ask, ‘Is it fun?’] It’s time-consuming.”

Another form of on-board entertainment he was much less mortified to discuss was reading. His material of choice? Self-help books on whatever topic suits his fancy at that moment, such as business management, psychology or most recently, mentalism (think American TV series The Mentalist).

“I try to do one to two books a week,” said Aloysius, adding that he’s not into fancy gadgets like the Kindle as he loves “that old book smell”. “I can only say that the Bras Basah Complex is very happy to have me, because I usually go for second-hand books.”

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