Aloysius Pang's driving license revoked for 18 months for drunk driving

He was charged in court on May 18 for drink driving

Aloysius Pang

Local actor Aloysius Pang was in court today after being charged in court on May 18 for drink driving.

He returned to court on June 22, but the case was adjourned to July 20. While he represented himself, accompanied by NoonTalk Media boss Dasmond Koh, during the first court session, he was seen with lawyer Samuel Seow during the second session.

The judge ruled that he would be fined S$2,000 and have his driving license revoked for 18 months. He could have been jailed up to six months or fined between S$1,000 and S$5,000 for the offence.

After the sentencing, he declined to comment on the verdict outside of court, according to Channel 8 News.

At 4.42am on May 8, he was found in his car near a gas station close to Jalan Ahmad Ibrahim and Jurong Port Road. The 26-year-old allegedly had 55 microgrammes (mcg) of alcohol in 100ml of breath at the time, and the legal limit in Singapore is 35mcg.

Aloysius Pang

At an imaging session for his upcoming drama, My Friends From Afar, he shared his thoughts on the incident, “What’s done is done, and now I intend to focus wholeheartedly on my work and try not to make the same mistake again.” He stopped short at sharing more details on the case at the time, as it was ongoing.

He has also voiced his gratitude towards his family, friends, fans and fellow celebrities for their support in the past few months. In an Instagram post on May 26, he wrote, “Thank you for staying by my side. For giving me time, the most thoughtful gift of all. For choosing to love me despite my flaws. I'll be a better person. I'll work hard to earn your trust and make you proud once again. Thank you and I'm sorry.. (sic)”

Shortly after the verdict was passed, Toggle spoke to his close friend and fellow NoonTalk artiste Xu Bin at the lensing ceremony for his upcoming drama Doppleganger.

He mused, "I didn't know that (the verdict would be passed) today. I've been busy with filming recently so I haven't met him at all. I've only met him once after the incident but I didn't talk about it. I just want to tell him... How should I say this? Everything will be fine."

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