Aloysius Pang starts business with older brother

The 26-year-old did not renew his contract with Mediacorp but assured that he’s not leaving showbiz

Aloysius Pang starts business with older brother
Aloysius with his new name card (left) and with his Best Newcomer award in 2015

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Fans of local actor Aloysius Pang can breathe easy – even as he delves into a new business venture with his older brother the 26-year-old assured us that has no plans to bid acting goodbye.

Speaking to Toggle through a phone interview, Aloysius chuckled that he was intending to make an official announcement about his business before local media did the honours for him this morning. Following his contract expiration with Mediacorp, he decided against renewing and instead dived headfirst into a relatively unknown business - wood plastic composite.

“I haven’t been filming since the end of last year, so I had a break for a couple of months and I’m not the kind of person who can sit down and do nothing,” he explained. “My brother suggested this to me and asked if I was interested in joining hands with him to work on it. It intrigued me as it’s something that’s eco-friendly.”

His older brother, Jefferson, 31, was previously working for their father, who is in the sub-contracting business. While the two Pang brothers have ventured out onto new territory, putting in a five-digit investment into their business, Aloysius revealed that they are currently sharing inventory space with their dad and do most of their work from home.

Read on for more excerpts from our interview with Aloysius, along with his hopes for more acting projects in future.

Aloysius Pang starts business with older brother
Aloysius giving his acceptance speech for his first Top 10 Most Popular Male Artiste award

Toggle: Congratulations on your new business venture! Could you tell us more about it?
Aloysius: My company is called Kairos Green – Kairos is Greek for the right timing, and Green represents being environmentally friendly. My brother and I have been working on it for about a month now (…) we’ve done about eight to 10 jobs so far.

Now that you have Kairos Green on your plate, will that mean that acting is taking a backseat?
No, my passion is still – and will always be – acting. This is something that I did as a form of assurance to myself. There are a lot of unknowns when you’re in showbiz, so I didn’t want to put my eggs into one basket since I can never be sure about my future – this is actually my Plan B.

What sort of acting jobs would you want to take on in future?
To be honest, I’m actually at a desperate stage right now. I don’t have any acting projects lined up, and I’ll take anything that comes to me. My worry is that Mediacorp might not offer me roles now that I’m not an artiste (contracted with them). The biggest problem with freelancing is that every job could be your last.

People might think that I want to give up acting, but I want to tell everyone with my next show – whatever it may be –that I’m serious about continuing with acting.

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