Ase Wang’s intense meltdown on the set of ‘Intercept’

The actress and scion of the Phoon Huat empire says she wants to be more “selfish” in 2018


Photos: Tammi Tan, Toggle

Ase Wang was composed, confident and chatty all throughout our 20-minute chat…until we got her to tell us more about her new boyfriend.

“You’re making me nervous – my palms are sweating!” cried the Chinese-Swedish actress, her feelings apparent in her bashful giggle and shifty body language (awww, freshly blossomed love is always adorably awkward like that).

She was, however, not as forthcoming with actual details regarding her new beau, save for the fact that he is mixed-race, non-Singaporean, not in showbiz, and that they got together last year after being introduced by mutual friends.

And her future wedding – if she were to have it her way – will be just as private as her relationship. “I love going to weddings; I just don’t want to go to my own wedding with a dress and cake and people, it’s just not me,” said the 36-year-old. “I would probably get married on the low and be like, ‘Guess what, guys? I got married.’”

While Ase (pronounced “Aw-suh”, by the way) hopes that she and her beau can put a ring on it “soon”, she is against the idea of putting a deadline on when they should do so. Instead, her target dates are saved for events like the online launch of her swimsuit line Seven Night Stand.

Yes, the ardent entrepreneur is adding yet another venture to her already-lengthy list of businesses, which includes a barbershop chain, two boxing gyms and a cycling studio, all of which are based in Bangkok, her second home aside from Singapore.

Whew! We get tired just imagining how the #girlboss juggles all that along with her acting gigs (she can now be seen on Toggle Originals series Intercept). Then again, we suppose it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the empire-building spirit runs deep in the blood of someone from the family that owns baking supplies giant Phoon Huat.

Read on for our full interview with Ase, who tells us about her “selfish” plans for 2018, that time she literally broke down on the set of Intercept, and more:

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