Benjamin & Narelle Kheng will sing (but not talk) about love

The Sam Willows’ songs often talk about love and life, but the siblings (who are also bandmates) don’t fancy sharing about the two words put together

Benjamin & Narelle Kheng will sing (but not talk) about love

Photos: Melanie Ho

The lyrics of home-grown band The Sam Willows’ latest single ‘Take Heart’ share much more about love than the band is willing to talk about their own: “Oh you’re everything to me, loved you ever since the day we parted. All you’re all that I can see, don’t you ever leave me broken-hearted.”

In fact, the band unanimously agreed that their favourite songs off the new album slated for release in August are love songs ‘Take Heart’ and ‘For Love’.  21-year-old singer-actress Narelle Kheng even chuckled and explained that there will be “a lot of love songs”, unlike last time.

However, when the topic of love was brought up during their group interview with Toggle, her brother Benjamin wished to “keep [it] private” on the topic of whether he has found the right one.

Since his Instagram dedication to bandmate Sandra Riley Tang’s birthday in December last year, the public have been speculating if the two are on dating terms from his caption: “Happy to just hang out with you forever.”

However, Benjamin avoided mentioning Sandra when he briefly explained about dating: “I’ve always been pretty terrible at the dating game – so I don’t really put too much thought to it! If the right person comes along, you just know, you know?”

His sister Narelle has shared on Twitter last month, “Are you even worth my time and my heart?”, raising questions about her relationship status but she, too, simply said that “it’s private” and denied to share more information.

If this continues, we can only wonder if the lyrics are actually directed at someone or if the song is just a song. Interestingly, they are known to have written songs about their real lives, such as ‘Night Light’ which is about their mother’s struggle with cancer.

The siblings are part of a group of four, which consists of Jonathan Chua, Sandra and the Kheng siblings, all of whom are aged 25 and under. They’ve toured Malaysia and parts of the United States, as well as performed at large-scale events such as the F1 Singapore Grand Prix.

Benjamin & Narelle Kheng will sing (but not talk) about love

New music  and dream collaborations

Benjamin thinks that “the band has evolved over the years” and explained, “If you listened to the first EP, the new album will be a very different sound from what you’re used to and you’ll hear a lot of new things.”

Regarding dream collaborations, Narelle said that she would want to switch things up for them: “We used to say Coldplay and One Republic, but now I would want to try a DJ or a rapper.” Jon threw in his suggestions to work with Avicii and Hardwell.

The Sam Willows will be releasing their new single ‘Take Heart’ on iTunes, out on May 20. Give the band your social media support with #TSWTakeHeart.

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