Bernice Liu’s ‘working holiday’ in Singapore

The Hong Kong actress will be living on this little red dot for the next three months to film upcoming Channel 5 drama, Lion Moms


Video: Tan Shi Qi

Hong Kong-based actress Bernice Liu, who is set to call this island-state ‘home’ for the next three months, is more local than the average Singaporean on the street. And we don’t mean she speaks better colloquial English (or Singlish) than you or me. For starters, she is very in-tuned with what our little isle has to offer, for someone who has just started her temporary resident stint (two weeks ago, to be exact) in our country.

So far she has gone on the treetop walk at MacRitchie Reservoir, been to the quaint and scenic Little Guilin in Bukit Gombak, attended a bookbinding class for charity at the Arts House, been to the Little Prince exhibition… and we foresee this avid hiker’s humble list of been-there-done-that activities growing with each passing week.

Currently filming a brand new Channel 5 TV series called Lion Moms which is produced by Ochre Pictures, Bernice is clearly enjoying what we’d loosely term her “working holiday”, immersing herself as much as possible in the local culture. Prior to taking on this project, she was in Malaysia filming Hollywood Sci-Fi film, Lost in the Pacific, which is directed by Vincent Zhou and written by Peter Cameron and Vincent.

Meet the three main protagonists of the drama and the 'Lion Moms', Durrani (played by Nurul Aini), Jennifer Wong (played by Bernice) and Mei Yi (played by Vanessa Vanderstraaten).

The 36-year-old reportedly turned down an offer in China to take on this local project and confirmed this piece of news during her on-set interview with Toggle, on Wednesday.

“I’ve been in China for the past few years doing a variety of dramas from historical dramas to period shows… and I’ve never done anything like this (Lion Moms) in my TV roles or even in movies. And I thought, it’s time for Bernice to mature a little bit [by playing a mother].”

In Lion Moms, she plays Jennifer, a happily married mother with two children, but Bernice’s character is not your ordinary SAHM (stay-at-home-mum). Jennifer’s stylish, perfect, immaculate and funny, she also has a tough but “loving” side to her and shares characteristics seen in most ‘tiger mums’.

Bernice took to the role like fish to water, no thanks to her personal upbringing, she said. “I started dancing when I was 3 years old, taekwondo since 8, kick-boxing in university, was in piano and musical theatre, so I know a little of how that feels as a child. And being a mother, I can just picture my own mother at the same time (chuckles).”

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