Carrie Wong, Shane Pow and Jayley Woo break into SA2015 Top 40

The three newcomers, along with presenter-turned-actress Youyi, have scored their first Star Awards Most Popular Artistes nominations

The three newcomers have scored their first Star Awards Most Popular Artistes nominations

Carrie Wong is clearly on a roll this Star Awards season – not only has the Hey Gorgeous runner-up nabbed two nominations, she has also been named as one of 20 other hopefuls vying for a coveted spot in the Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes, a list that is decided by online and telepoll votes.

That is all pretty impressive, considering the 21-year-old lass only began her showbiz journey last year. After signing on to MediaCorp as a full-time artiste in January 2014, Carrie landed major roles as a schizophrenic in Channel 8’s Against the Tide and a hot-tempered sweet soup seller in The Journey: Tumultuous Times (which landed her a nod for Best Supporting Actress). Both performances won rave reviews from her co-stars and audiences alike.

Two other ladies in the running for the first time alongside Carrie are Jayley Woo and Youyi. Jayley first rose to prominence as a blogger before taking a leap into acting with her debut role in Channel U’s Jump! in 2012, while Youyi, who recently played Li Nanxing’s girlfriend in A Blessed Life, is better known as a television and radio presenter.

Over at the Most Popular Male Artistes side, Manhunt alumnus Shane Pow is the only new kid on the block. Perhaps taking Rui En hostage onscreen (on Against the Tide, which Carrie’s character is guilty of doing too) is one way to get attention? Jokes aside, the Caldecott Hill Duke was also busy with Three Wishes and various hosting gigs last year.

Rui En and Yu Wu are a trophy away from the All-Time Favourite Artiste award next year

Speaking of Rui En, fans of the actress and of Qi Yuwu had better work extra hard to ensure their 10th inclusions in the final rankings, as this means that the two popular thespians will finally join previous “graduates” like Fann Wong, Zoe Tay, Christopher Lee and Chen Hanwei in the prestigious All-Time Favourite Artistes list. This year, that honour is going to Jeanette Aw and Vivian Lai, who both made the Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes for the 10th time at last year’s event and will no longer be eligible for the category.

Unfortunately, with new additions comes the inevitable absence of some of the previous year’s contenders, most notably Yvonne Lim and Zhang Zhen Huan, both of whom walked home with trophies in 2014. Oh well, there’s always next year! But for those whose faves have managed to make the cut, you know what to do.

Yvonne and Zhen Huan made the rankings last year but are nowhere to be seen this time around

Voting for the Star Awards 2015 Top 20 Most Popular Artistes commences after the telepoll numbers are revealed tonight, while online voting kicks off tomorrow (March 10), until April 26, 8.30pm. In the meantime, don’t forget to vote for your Favourite Male Character, Favourite Female Character and Favourite Onscreen Couple online here until April 19 at 9pm.

For more information on the Star Awards, visit our microsite, and stay tuned to xinmsn for more!

Check out the full list of the Top 20 Most Popular Artistes nominees below:

Top 10 Most Popular Male Artistes nominees
Chen Shu Cheng
Dasmond Koh
Dennis Chew
Desmond Tan
Elvin Ng
Ian Fang
Guo Liang
Lee Teng
Marcus Chin
Pierre Png
Qi Yu Wu
Romeo Tan
Shane Pow
Shaun Chen
Terence Cao
Thomas Ong
Xu Bin
Zheng Ge Ping
Zhu Hou Ren

Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes nominees
Belinda Lee
Carrie Wong
Chris Tong
Felicia Chin
Jayley Woo
Jin Yin Ji
Joanne Peh
Julie Tan
Hong Hui Fang
Kym Ng
Lin Mei Jiao
Lin Pei Fen
Paige Chua
Priscilia Chan
Quan Yi Fong
Rebecca Lim
Rui En
Tracy Lee
Ya Hui

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