Chantalle Ng’s mum Lin Meijiao prepped her for losing

The up-and-coming starlet hopes she has made her mother proud with her Best Newcomer award


It was an emotional moment for mother and daughter at the Star Awards last night when Chantalle Ng was crowned Best Newcomer for her role in While We Are Young. Both the 22-year-old and her mum, veteran actress Lin Meijiao, looked like they were on the verge of being moved to tears during her acceptance speech, but ultimately managed to keep it together.

“Mum, these 20-plus years haven’t been easy for you,” Chantalle said on stage. “You are the most important person in my life, and everything I do is to make you proud.”

The up-and-coming starlet echoed these words during her post-show interview with Toggle. “My mother isn’t just the most important figure in my acting career, but in my entire life,” she gushed. “Like I said on stage, I hope to make her proud with everything I do, and I hope that I have achieved that with this award tonight.”

When asked if Meijiao had any words of wisdom for her before attending the ceremony, Chantalle said that she was simply told to “jia you” and “relax and enjoy the process”. “I don’t think either of us even expected for me to win, so she didn’t prep me on what to do after receiving an award! (laughs)”

In fact, she was advised on what to do if she didn’t win. “My mum told me that this is all a game, a necessary one for artistes like ourselves, and that I should play it with the right attitude in order not to make things so tough for myself,” she said.


Pride, joy and honour aren’t the only things that come with winning an award – if great power comes with great responsibility, being a “Best” anything will naturally come with great pressure and expectations as well, but Chantalle is trying to take it all in her stride.

“I just want to continue doing a good job in whatever acting project I take on next, and I hope that everyone will continue giving me lots of opportunities,” she said.

We don’t think she has to worry about the latter. Despite still having a year to go before she graduates (and is presumably free to pursue acting full-time if she so wishes), Chantalle is already slated to star in a new Toggle Originals series called Amos in Wonderhouse, which she will film during her school holidays in Australia.

And no, mama will not be tagging along with her. “She has her own life here!” Chantalle said, chuckling. “I’ll have to take care of myself.”

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