Chen Han Wei, Joanne Peh bag wins for ‘Tumultuous Times’

The blockbuster series won a total of three acting awards last night, including Shaun Chen’s Best Actor victory

Chen Han Wei and Joanne Peh

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Call it a strange twist of fate between drama co-stars if you may: Chen Han Wei’s villainous character Hu Weiren, who is the perpetrator behind the death of Zhang Huiniang (played by Joanne Peh) in The Journey: Tumultuous Times, saw both actors going home victorious in the Best Supporting Actor and Actress categories last night. Both were also widely tipped to be hot favourites in their nominated categories and their victories were – to say the least – expected.

In a backstage interview with the media, Han Wei who specially wore his famed black rose lucky charm last night said he had shared a bit of his good luck with his colleagues too. “Quan Yi Fong, Ian Fang, Rebecca Lim have all touched it. Everyone wants to touch it,” he laughed.

The actor who was seen dragging co-star Shaun Chen (who also played his adopted son in the drama) on stage with him as they performed his iconic song in the drama was so confident that Shaun would go home with the Best Actor trophy that he vowed to resign if the latter didn’t win the award.

Clarifying his words backstage, he said: “I really expect him to win. He’s not just serious at work; he also treats everyone sincerely after work. I think these are traits that an artiste should possess.”

Instead of talking about his Best Supporting Actor win, Han Wei further expounded on his interactions with his juniors and how he’d give them acting pointers too. “When I’m watching the 8 Dukes’ shows, for example Romeo Tan, Desmond Tan, Jeffrey Xu or Ian Fang, I’d send them a text message to tell them to work harder and what areas to improve on. I hope to see more male artistes stand out.”

Joanne Peh wins Best Supporting Actress award

Han Wei’s fellow winner, Joanne, shared that she had confidence in herself – despite appearing in only two episodes – and called Tumultuous Times a project she’s really “satisfied” with.

“This character went from The Journey: A Voyage to Tumultuous Times, so she’s not someone the viewers are unfamiliar with. I’m really thankful to Ang Eng Tee for writing this character and her experiences… If not for him, I wouldn’t have won this award.”

When asked if her baby bump brought her luck tonight, Joanne laughed in reply: “I didn’t think of it that way, since the baby was not yet conceived when I was filming this drama. But maybe it did (bring me a little luck.”

Apart from thanking the production team on stage, Joanne also made a special mention to her husband, Yuwu, and said: “You complete me.”

She shared that they have no plans to celebrate her win tonight because Yuwu will be flying back to Heng Dian, China tomorrow. “I’ll really miss him. I don’t know if I’d turn out to be a sobbing mess but on the bright side, he’d be wrapping up his shoot soon and will be returning to Singapore to film a drama,” she added.

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