Dai Xiang Yu to marry in Spain on December 9

Actor will be marrying actress Chen Zihan in Barcelona, Spain


Photos: Dai Xiang Yu/Weibo

“I need to let the whole world know that I’m marrying you,” wrote Dai Xiang Yu (formerly known as Dai Yangtian) in a Weibo post, confirming news of his wedding ceremony.

The Shanghainese actor also wrote that he will be getting married in Barcelona, Spain, in the presence of family and gave an ode to “love, courage, the unknown and the future” in his post.

Xiang Yu and his legally-registered partner Chen Zihan confirmed news of their upcoming wedding ceremony at a fashion event for Cosmopolitan China yesterday, and the 32-year-old divulged that he plans to give his wife a “warm and pure” wedding ceremony.

Zihan, who is six years older than him, added that this wedding will be unlike any other she had before for her drama serials because “this wedding belongs to me.”

The 38-year-old actress also re-posted Xiang Yu’s Weibo post and wrote, “Love gives us courage to go the distance. I am looking forward to the 9th of December where you’ll be giving me the purest wedding ceremony.”


The two actors, who have been dating for more than a year, dropped a bombshell when they announced news of their marriage registration in May this year. They are said to be introduced to each other by their manager and worked as co-stars in dramas like Singles Villa, The Girl Wearing Tassel Earrings and Demon Girl.

Two months after they went public about their relationship and marriage, rumours alleging that Zihan was a third party in Xiang Yu’s supposed marriage to another Chinese actress surfaced. These claims have been debunked by Xiang Yu who expressed his hopes to live a “peaceful and quiet life” with his wife, stressing that there was “no third party or fourth party” in their relationship.

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