Daren Tan successfully proposes to girlfriend

The singer-actor popped the question in the middle of a cycling trip in Japan

Daren Tan successfully proposes to girlfriend

Photos: Daren Tan/Instagram

Daren Tan has successfully proposed to his girlfriend of less than two years, 29-year-old doctor Nadia Lum.

On the evening of September 8, the 33-year-old singer-actor shared a picture of himself on bended knee in front of his now-fiancée, while friends helped to carry an enormous banner sporting the words “Nadia, will you marry me?” behind them.

“After so many years in front of cameras, i thought i will not have stage fright. I stuttered, knees went soft when i proposed. But in the end, she said YES! (sic)” he wrote in the caption, which now sits above a flood of congratulatory comments.

In a phone interview with Toggle, Daren shared that the proposal, which he had been planning for half a year, happened on a beach in Miyakojima, Japan. The couple is currently in the middle of an eight-day cycling trip with Star Cruises.

“We cycled 70km before I proposed,” said Daren, adding that in order for the rest of the crew to prepare the elaborate set-up, he feigned a foot injury so that the both of them would be forced to cycle a little slower behind everybody else. “We didn’t cry lah, she was just very stunned and can’t remember anything I said at all! (laughs) But there’s a video recording so I can show it to her later.”

Daren Tan successfully proposes to girlfriend

When asked what he likes about Nadia, Daren gushed, “I think she’s the right person (because) she understands me very well and she understands my job.”

While Nadia has agreed to become Mrs Tan, Daren admitted that he has yet to officially seek her parents’ permission for her hand in marriage. “I wanted her to accept me first before going through her parents,” he explained.

At the moment, they don’t have an exact date or venue planned yet, but Daren shared that it “may happen within the next year”, and that he hopes to have the ceremony in a church.

Daren burst onto the showbiz scene as the champion of the second season of singing competition Project SuperStar, but has since dabbled more frequently in acting. He was recently seen on TV on Channel 8’s The Queen and House of Fortune, as well as on Channel 5’s Mata Mata: A New Generation.

Daren Tan successfully proposes to girlfriend

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