Desmond Tan wants the whole of Singapore to see his butt

And we will be able to do so in new Toggle Originals series ‘Derek’


After binge-watching all 10 episodes of Toggle Originals series Derek, we admit that speaking to its two stars, Desmond Tan (who returns as everybody’s favourite “nice Singaporean boy”) and Chantalle Ng (who plays his lover Stephanie An), felt kind of… jarring.

That’s a compliment to them, of course. In the Code of Law spin-off, we see the tragic backstory of maniacal murderer Derek Ho unfold via flashbacks and tales told to psychologist Dr Winnie Low (played by Cheryl Tan) in a rather The Silence of the Lambs-esque exchange. One key person in his past is Stephanie, a troubled young woman who teeters between gloomy moods and hysterical episodes.

Needless to say, the two actors are nothing like their deranged characters in real life: Chantalle is sweet and cheery (she replies to WhatsApp messages with two exclamation points, if that’s any indication), while Desmond, besides the obvious difference of not having killed anyone in his life (not that we know of, at least), loves to joke around - for instance, he gleefully sprouted a bunch of puns with the word “ass” when we were discussing his butt-baring scenes.


Oh yes, his disrobed derrière is on full display for a few precious seconds in one pivotal sequence. According to the 32-year-old, he did not know about his booty-showing duty until the imaging session, when the director approached him about it. While he was taken aback at first, he decided to go along with it as he trusted that it would be done in a tasteful manner.

Going nude also made sense in a way, as the scene involves Derek attempting to hang himself with the prison jumpsuit that he was wearing. But wait, do convicts go commando?

“My friends asked me the same thing and I was like, maybe prisoners aren’t allowed to have underwear in case they kill each other with it, then a lot of them joked that the director just wants to see my ass,” he chuckled. “But I think [the nude scene] makes it more gritty? And I would like the whole of Singapore to see my ass. (Laughs)”

And you can do so in Episode 3 (out today) below:

Mission accomplished?

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