DJ Gerald Koh spread BTS fever to the whole of 987FM

Even his on-air partner Kimberly Wang has been “swept off her feet” by one of the members

(Photos: Facebook/Big Hit Entertainment, Tammi Tan)

If you’ve been following 987FM DJ Gerald Koh on Twitter, you may have noticed a sudden increase of mentions (favourable ones, of course) about South Korean super-group BTS over the past month or so.

Despite being neither female nor a teenager (the stereotypical demographic of K-pop devotees), Gerald has absolutely no qualms about openly expressing his adoration of the septet, even eagerly agreeing to an impromptu interview we pitched to him last Thursday (Oct 25).

“I’m a full-grown man over 30 years old and I am not ashamed to say that I still like Justin Bieber and One Direction as well,” he declared, when we asked for his thoughts on some adults being embarrassed to admit to being fans of certain music acts. “I don’t really care what others may say because everyone enjoys their own little guilty pleasures, and there’s no right and wrong in supporting something you like.”

His path to becoming an ARMY (the BTS fandom name) started fairly recently: at the HallyuPopFest music festival in early September. It was - believe it or not - Gerald’s very first proper exposure to K-pop, and while he entered the venue curious and even doubtful about the whole hype, he exited as an enlightened new fan.

“I’m from an era where everyone thought NSYNC were the best dance group ever,” he said. “Fast forward many years to HallyuPopFest, and I was like, ‘OMG, these guys can dance even better!’” Sorry, Justin Timberlake and friends.

But wait a minute, you might be wondering, BTS weren’t even at HallyuPopFest. Where do they come in?

Well, rookie boy group VICTON were, and Gerald’s wife Thia Zhi Xin is a huge fan of them. He admitted that this made him a little bit jealous, so he tried to get back at her by finding out more about BTS (it was hard to ignore them, given the massive international media attention they have been getting for their seemingly endless achievements) so he could talk back to her about them.

To say that his method backfired would be an understatement. Not only did his wife respond positively (“Eh, actually Jimin very cute!” she had remarked), Gerald himself fell down the rabbit hole after bingeing on variety shows involving the group. We’re sure many of you out there can relate.

(Photos: Twitter/Gerald Koh, Facebook/Big Hit Entertainment)

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