Felicia Chin’s birthday greeting from Jay Chou

The actress says she is happy her late grandma got to meet Jeffrey Xu before she passed

Left: Felicia Chin with birthday flowers from Jeffrey Xu; Right: Condolence flowers for the passing of Felicia's grandmother (Photos: Instagram/Felicia Chin)

Felicia Chin seemed a little less like her usual chirpy self when we met her for a quick catch-up session last Friday morning (Oct 26). Not that we can blame her, of course - the actress’s paternal grandma had recently passed away.

Early last week, the 34-year-old posted several pictures of flower stands bearing cards expressing sympathy and condolences, including one from fellow actress Fiona Xie. While Felicia understandably wished to keep more details about her grandma private, she shared that this difficult time prompted her to pause and ponder her priorities.

“When I think of my grandma, I think of how she loved and took care of me, which makes me reflect on whether I’m doing that for the people who really matter in my life,” she mused. “Sometimes it’s easy to neglect that, but I think it’s so important to spend time with your loved ones.”

It also gave her the opportunity to reconnect with a lot of folks and be moved by a barrage of warm gestures. “A lot of people texted me after they found out about my grandma, and I was very touched by those who made time to come down [for the wake], even veteran artistes,” she smiled. “So for my birthday this year, one of my wishes was for these people to be blessed, and for the kindness that they showed me to be returned to them.”

Felicia Chin posted photos of condolence flowers, as well as her thoughts on her grandma's passing on Instagram Stories (Photos: Instagram/Felicia Chin)

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