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How Zheng Ge Ping, Hong Hui Fang spice up their marriage

In Bed With: The celebrity couple shares tips on keeping a union together for over two decades

How Zheng Ge Ping, Hong Hui Fang spice up their marriage

Photos: Lee Lay Na

The news of a celebrity marriage breaking down is sadly prevalent in today’s day and age, but fortunately, there are still some blissfully wedded pairs out there to help keep our faith in love alive.

One such couple is Zheng Ge Ping and Hong Hui Fang, who first tied the knot in 1992 before having their church ceremony the next year. The veteran artistes first met as colleagues at Mediacorp (then still known as SBC, Singapore Broadcasting Corporation) and they have famously declared that it was far from love at first sight.

“I used to try and avoid you,” Hui Fang, 56, chuckled during our In Bed With shoot, between taking bites of strawberries and sips of champagne with her husband. “Back then, you and a few others would gather near the makeup unit, talking loudly and spewing profanities – I would deliberately take a longer route around the area so I wouldn’t run into you!”

Things changed after a fateful chalet getaway with a few mutual friends, where a one-on-one conversation over drinks helped them to know each other better. Ge Ping, 52, also recalled the time he was impressed with Hui Fang for knowing how to change her car tyres by herself. “I didn’t know many girls who knew how to do that,” he gushed.

Fast forward 24 years, and they are still happily married and loving parents to two children, 20-year-old Tay Ying and 16-year-old Calvert. Just how did they do it? Read on for the gems we discovered during Zheng Ge Ping and Hong Hui Fang’s intimate In Bed With tête-à-tête:

Set aside time – and dance! – for one another

For many parents, children – especially when they are younger – are a very high priority in their lives, and it was no different for Ge Ping and Hui Fang. But while they admitted to spending more time on their two children during the day, their all-important couple bonding time took place after midnight when the little ones had traipsed off to dreamland. “We’d have a glass of wine, and sometimes we’d talk until three or four o’ clock in the morning without knowing it,” said Hui Fang.

Ge Ping also used to treat Hui Fang to a steamy display of dance moves worthy of Magic Mike (a Hollywood film that centres on the lives of male strippers) before bed, even before he gained his now-buff physique. “We had no mobile phones or tablets back then, so all I could do was watch TV or watch you dance,” said Hui Fang, adding with a laugh, “Young couples today should put away their gadgets and learn to dance instead.”

How Zheng Ge Ping, Hong Hui Fang spice up their marriage

Now that Tay Ying and Calvert are older and more independent, husband and wife get to enjoy each other’s company during free afternoons as well, when both kids are out doing their own thing.

Forgive and forget (but don’t forget to say sorry)

Basking in marital bliss for over two decades doesn’t mean that Ge Ping and Hui Fang don’t have their fair share of pet peeves about each other. For Ge Ping, who is used to making his bed every morning thanks to his army days, he can’t stand how Hui Fang doesn’t do the same; similarly, Hui Fang doesn’t like that Ge Ping does not tidy up the kitchen after using it.

Then there is also her tendency to shift around in weird positions in bed and… his tendency to attack her in their sleep?

“Once, I had a nightmare about a dog running towards me, so I punched it,” Ge Ping recalled, imitating the gesture – but with his fist directed to this wife’s face. He had actually hit her instead. And that wasn’t the only incident: the second time, Ge Ping dreamt that he was in a martial arts face-off, and dramatically elbowed his poor sleeping wife next to him.

They’ve also had regular quarrels, just like any other couple, and there was a time they gave each other the silent treatment for an entire week. But through it all, Hui Fang has credited Ge Ping for always being the first one to swallow his pride and apologise. “Communication is very important,” she stressed.

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