Ian Fang splashes S$1.5m on new home

The MediaCorp actor finally moved into his condominium home with his mum, two years after buying the unit

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Three years after his showbiz debut, one of MediaCorp’s fastest-rising stars Ian Fang was happy to announce his “small achievement” at a training workshop helmed by Chinese actor-director Feng Yuan Zheng on Tuesday.

The Shanghai-born actor and his mum recently moved into a condominium unit located in central Singapore. Although the S$1.5 million apartment was bought two years ago, the mother and son only shifted in this year due to renovation work which set Ian back by another five-figure sum.

“We used to pay rental for our living space and now, we’re paying for our home loan. It feels different because we have our own house now,” he shared. “In the past, I would just dump my socks anywhere after getting home. But now, I’ll arrange everything in order and even pick up a strand of hair from the floor.”

With a balcony as big as the living room, Ian’s mother has found herself new favourite hobby of enjoying the glorious view from their 28th storey unit. “There was once when she hugged me and said: ‘Son, you’ve come a really long way!’” the 25-year-old actor chuckled.

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After his participation in Tay Ping Hui’s directorial debut Meeting The Giant and Ch8 series World at Your Feet in May, Ian, who recently returned to Singapore after filming variety shows Family Wanders and Going Home in Japan and Shanghai, has been missing in action on local TV for over six months.

Fret not, as the “duke” is set to commence filming for new drama Tiger Mummy, where he will be acting alongside Huang Biren. Also, Ian will be involved in the upcoming President’s Star Charity show on Ch5, as well as the third installment of blockbuster trilogy The Journey next year.

“I’m very happy to start filming again! It’s been a while… I think that show business is a service industry and the recipient of my services is the audience,” Ian candidly replied. “Maybe I’ve become more mature or maybe because of the financial burden after shifting house, I’m willing to take on any job that comes along now!”

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While speaking to xinmsn, Ian also let on that he will be launching a “second product” in December. Calling the project “something that he has prepared for a long time”, the ambitious chap emphasised that he has put in a lot of effort this time round.

“It’s very different. I specially formed a team and flew to different places to source for materials and manufacturing factories,” revealed the actor.

Previously, Ian got fans excited when he hinted about his new endeavour on Instagram. In the post, the thespian showed off a little rap which sparked speculation that he might be dropping a music release. However, Ian denied the claims as his throat has yet to recover from an accident that happened during the filming of Meeting The Giant.

From the way Ian, who first launched his self-designed “First Attempt” T-shirts last year, brandished his cap in front of our cameras, it is highly likely that his new product would be a continuation of his fashion venture.

This interview is translated by Dang Hui Ling.

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