Jeffrey Xu: I like Felicia Chin

Things may be a little ambiguous between Jeffrey Xu and Felicia Chin now, but that didn’t stop him from confessing his feelings for her after nabbing his first popularity award


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A few weeks ago, Jeffrey Xu pledged to give Felicia Chin a kiss – should he bag his first Top 10 Most Popular Male Artiste award at the Star Awards 2016 Part 2 show. Yesterday night, he finally made good on his word and gave her a hug before receiving his trophy on stage and even managed to give her a kiss on the cheek at the post-party reception.

Much has been discussed about Jeffrey and Felicia’s relationship with each other ever since a YES 933 deejay spotted them out on the streets together, on what is said to be a “date”.

The two denied the rumours and said they are “just good friends”, but they are “good friends” who’d root for each other – with Felicia openly thanking Jeffrey last weekend when she received her Top 10 award and vice versa when Jeffrey received his first Top 10 award last night.

Yesterday, at the post-party show, Jeffrey openly admitted his feelings for Felicia, during his interview with the media.


“I like Felicia,” he honestly admitted, “But I’d still need some time and I think the same applies for her. We’re still in the stage of getting to know each other. As for whether we’ll take things to the next level remains to be seen, but I’m thankful for everyone’s care and concern.

The Shanghai-born actor explained that his hug to Felicia on national television was his way of thanking her for helping to change his “career and life” after they started to work together on the set of Life – Fear Not.

“We have similar religions, similar careers and [I feel] there are sparks between us. I feel very comfortable being with her,” he added.

In another interview with Felicia and Jeffrey, the lady in question praised her co-star and rumoured beau for his “good character” and for being a nice chap.

“I have never not-liked him,” said Felicia, indirectly skirting the question about their current relationship status. “We’re at the stage of getting to know each other and I’m really happy that he has won this award tonight.”


When pressed about the supposed kiss that he promised to give her, Jeffrey then turned his gaze to Felicia and asked: “Now that I’ve won this award, as a man, I’d like to fulfil my promise and seek your permission [to give you a kiss].”

Felicia, who has been voting for Jeffrey at the Top 10 polls, gave a nod of approval and said: “He has asked me before [about the kiss] and I should  be magnanimous about it. I kiss my mum and my coach too. I think it’s OK – it’s just a peck on the cheek.”

When the deed was done (watch the interview video below!), Jeffrey took the initiative to conclude the interview and promised to “inform everyone of good news” should they decide to take their relationship to the next stage.

“I’ll leave it up to God,” he said.

Here’s to another celebrity couple-in the making.

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