Jeffrey Xu: I’m not Felicia Chin’s mystery man

The actor picked Romeo Tan as the one most likely to be the one spotted with Felicia

Jeffrey Xu: I’m not Felicia Chin’s mystery man

Additional Photos: Jeffrey Xu's Instagram (@jeffrey_xu), Felicia Chin's Instagram (@iamfeliciachin)
Video: Tay Yixuan

“Nope, there’s no way it was me,” Jeffrey Xu chuckled when Toggle asked if he was the mysterious Duke YES 933 DJ Xie Jiafa spotted Felicia Chin holding hands with. Speaking to Toggle at the set of upcoming longform drama Peace & Prosperity, he explained that while he has gotten closer to his fellow artiste, he’s just good friends with her.

“We got to know each other better while filming the drama Life – Fear Not and we happen to have a bunch of mutual friends and we go to the same church as well,” the 27-year-old, who plays Dawn Yeoh’s husband in the series, explained. “It’s really unlikely for us to go out together alone and we rarely do; it’s always a group outing.”

“I’m not surprised at this rumour though, because I’ve been going out with her and our friends a lot recently and many people have asked us to take photos with them, but I don’t think the person Jiafa is referring to is me,” the actor concluded. The pair also played mother and son in The Journey: Our Homeland.

Jeffrey Xu: I’m not Felicia Chin’s mystery man

Who then, in Jeffrey’s opinion, is the likely man in Felicia’s life? “Romeo (Tan). He’s filmed The Journey: Tumultuous Times and Our Homeland with her previously so they should be pretty close. Romeo’s a great guy too, so I think it’s definitely possible,” he mused.

When contacted by Toggle on her thoughts on the matter, Felicia remained coy, calling the relationship news a "rumour", adding on that "only the heavens know who my soulmate is." She confirmed that she is currently still single.

What about Aloysius Pang, who some netizens have pointed out as a possible candidate? “No, it’s not possible,” he immediately retorted. “I think he’s closer to Xu Bin (than Felicia),” Jeffrey chuckled. While Jeffrey is currently single, he did reveal that he has a few girls on his mind.

He previously let on that he likes demure and sophisticated ladies, and that he has possible candidates both within and out of the entertainment circle. “We’re still at the stage of getting to know each other (…) when I’m in a relationship I’d definitely announce it so that everyone will know,” he shared.

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