Jeremy Chan to tie the knot with Jesseca Liu?

He admitted to their relationship after much speculation

Jeremy Chan to tie the knot with Jesseca Liu

UPDATE 11.08am: Jesseca denied that a wedding would take place soon. She shared that Jeremy's grandmother passed away recently, and that according to Chinese customs, "If we don't get married within 100 days after her passing, we might have to wait for one or three years before we can get married. It won't be in the near future."

"It happened very recently so it's not the appropriate time to ask the family about their beliefs (...) so I can't tell you when exactly you can expect a wedding," she continued. There hasn't been any proposal per se, but the two have talked about getting married and applying for a flat together. She added that the pair will "definitely make an announcement" before they get married, "unless there's any urgent situation that causes us to be unable to do so - for example, his grandmother's passing is considered an urgent situation but as of right now, we won't be getting married yet."

On going public with their relationship, Jesseca admitted that it was a mutual agreement between the two and that "since everyone was talking about it, admitting to it would be less stressful for us as well."

"I feel that all this time, he's been the one who has suffered a bit more, but I've always told him that how others view him isn't important, and that the only thing he should concern himself with is what I think of him," Jesseca mused. "It's okay as long as he knows how I feel (...) both of us are very straightforward people and don't play mind games - that's what I admire the most about him."

Jeremy declined to a phone interview when contacted by Toggle, apologising that it was "inconvenient" for him to do so.

Jesseca Liu shared with us in February this year that she was in a stable relationship but stopped short at revealing who her mystery man was. Unofficially, everyone assumed that it was her and fellow actor Jeremy Chan who were dating, but neither party confirmed their relationship until now.

At an event for variety programme Queen (Nv Ren Wo Zui Da), Jeremy finally admitted that he is indeed dating Jesseca, and that marriage is on the cards.

Rumours of a May wedding circulated during the Star Awards period, but were firmly denied by both parties.

"These are just rumours (...) it's not the truth," Jesseca quipped when we spoke to her days after the awards. Likewise, Jeremy mused, “Not only have there been rumours of me getting married, people have even spread that we'll be having a buffet lunch at a particular hotel - I really want to know who started these rumours because I'd like to hire him to plan my wedding when it does happen!”

While he declared that he is “definitely not getting married in the near future (because) I’m just too busy” in April, the 35-year-old shared that he intends to tie the knot with Jesseca within the next six months. The pair have also met each other’s parents.

Jeremy’s mentor, Mark Lee, was taken aback when Toggle shared the news with him in a phone interview. “He’s never mentioned marriage to me, but I don’t think they’ll be getting married that soon. It’s hard to plan everything in half a year. They’re both artistes and have hectic schedules so it’s hard to prepare everything within that time frame, unless they’re having a really simple wedding. In my opinion, giving themselves nine months to prepare for it would be the most ideal.”

Although marriage is on the cards, Jeremy shared that they will not be buying a house together. He will be eligible to apply for a HDB flat as a single citizen after turning 35 on July 17.

The couple has yet to confirm if they will be making their wedding a private affair.

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