Joanne Peh’s hands are full with her ‘third baby’

On top of that, the actress tells us she’s ready to dive back into the world of acting with a brand new Channel 8 drama series this March

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Photos: Elis Ching
Video: Aaron Ho

It’s 9.30am on a Monday morning and we’re with Qi Yuwu at one of Mediacorp’s TV studios, filming a 10-second clip for a special holographic opening footage which air during the Star Awards. The two-time Best Actor winner nails his shot, effortlessly, in a few takes before his wife, who's next in line, takes over.

When Joanne finally appears, the couple obliges to our request for pictures of them posing together. All glammed up and dressed to the nines, they preen and pose for a handful of cameras in what they jokingly call “a wedding photoshoot”. It sure feels like one - he looks at her with a gentle loving gaze while she flashes her brightest smile for the cameras; he goofs around for the cameras and she follows suit.

Love is in the air and we feel like the brightest light bulbs in Studio 4.

When his wife finally takes centre stage, Ah Wu cheers her on from the sidelines like he is her biggest fan - all he's lacking is a huge placard that reads ‘I love Joanne Peh’. After his mini outburst, he proceeds to unpack two lunchboxes containing his breakfast, prepared by Joanne. As he quietly nibbles on the sandwiches, we tease him for having a “lunch box made with love” to which he casually remarks (as if trying to downplay the romantic notion of homemade lunchboxes), “Isn’t this (the toast) what you get at coffee shops?”

Uh, okay. Yuwu 1: Us 0


Later we learn that our fateful breakfast exchange with him is just one of the many poker-faced remarks the 42-year-old is capable of. In fact when he’s in the mood, he’ll crack jokes too, says Joanne, “Like his character in Mind Matters which bears a slight resemblance to how he behaves in real life.”

As a person of few words, Ah Wu is known for being a reticent man, but we think his wife has a better (and more accurate) description of him -- ‘men sao’ (a Mandarin term used to describe someone who is cold on the outside but warm inside).

We’ll take Joanne’s word for it because she’s a frequent “victim” of his jokes. Like that one time when the actor said her white clay art piece (see above image) resembled a ‘boat’ and an ‘orange’ when it was in fact a dog with two eyes and a tongue. “I realised that he was pulling my leg because he said it with such a straight face! That’s how he cracks jokes,” she chuckled.

Guess you could say, art and humour, like beauty, lies in the eyes of the beholder.

Lucky for us, the man was clearly “in the mood” for jokes as he generously dished out several cheeky one-liners during the couple’s 45-minute interview with Toggle on Monday.

For example, when we spoke to Joanne about her next drama project (it’s a Channel 8 series called ‘Xi Gua Tian Bu Tian’ which translates as ‘is the watermelon sweet?’) and quizzed her about her motivations to take on this series, he valiantly volunteered an answer on her behalf: “Because she’s thirsty.” 

Watermelons are thirst-quenchers, but that's beside the point. We think he probably means she's just thirsting to act again. 

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