Joanne Peh, Qi Yuwu welcome baby boy

Baby Qi is officially a big sister to her little brother


Photos: The Celebrity Agency, Toggle, Joanne Peh/Instagram

Joanne Peh and Qi Yuwu have officially welcomed their second child to the world, a son.

This is their second child after the birth of Baby Qi in August 2015. The couple has expressed their wish to expand their brood since 2015, and ecstatically shared that they have finally been able to do so.

A heavily pregnant Joanne, 33, shared with us during The Road to Star Awards 2017: Show 3 that she was hoping that her baby would be able to wait for Yuwu to return to Singapore before she popped. Sure enough, she managed to attend the Star Awards 2017 main ceremony with her husband, 40, to accept her All-Time Favourite Artiste trophy - but not before making preparations to go to the hospital just in case.

In a roundtable phone interview with Yuwu, the second-time father shared that Joanne started feeling contractions yesterday, and they checked into Mount Elizabeth Hospital last night (April 20). After about 16 hours of labour, their son was born this afternoon, weighing a healthy 3kg.

Just like last time, Joanne opted for a painkiller-free natural birth, prompting Yuwu – who was with her the entire time – to gush about how “brave” she was. However, he laughingly recalled that when it was all over, Joanne complained to him that she felt “cheated” as others had claimed that the second birth is usually quicker, smoother and less painful than the first (which wasn’t the case for her). Of course, all the memories of suffering vanished as soon as they laid eyes on their son.

“We were very happy to finally meet him, but we didn’t cry,” said Yuwu, who personally cut the umbilical cord. As for Baby Qi, Yuwu told us that the siblings may meet for the first time later tonight, and shared that his 20-month-old is aware that her little brother has been brought into the world

He added that he felt more relaxed this time compared to when his daughter was born. “I wanted to be calm so that I could be helpful and not make things even more chaotic, or else [Joanne] would have someone else to worry about!” he said with a chuckle.

Joanne Peh, Yuwu and their daughter
Joanne and Yuwu shared a picture of their expanding brood (right) when they announced the actress' second pregnancy. (Photos: Joanne Peh/Instagram)

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