Kit Chan’s manager spills the tea on her kiasu-ness and ah lian-ness

Did you know that the homegrown singer is also a fan of chope-ing?


Kit Chan may not be performing at this year’s National Day Parade (or at the next few ones for that matter - more on that later), but you can still catch her perform ‘Home’ “live” at the National Day Concert. And it’s free!

Held at The Meadow at Gardens by the Bay, the chanteuse will headline the first of the two-day concert, alongside other local legends like Dick Lee and Rahimah Rahim, and we’re told it’s going to be quite an impressive set list, boasting her classic Mandopop hits as well as the beloved National Day theme song, which she will perform with Dick.

It is not going to be your usual rendition, but one that some of you might find familiar and hit you right in the feels no less. “The arrangement that we are using is actually the same as the one I executive produced for Total Defence Day in 2011, which featured 39 artistes spanning different generations,” Kit told Toggle in a phone interview last week.

If you thought that sounded familiar, that’s because the same concept was used for the music video of this year’s National Day theme song, ‘Our Singapore’, except on a much larger scale.

“This is why when I heard that Sydney [Tan, music director of NDP 2019] was doing [something similar] for this year’s NDP song, I immediately I jumped on board because I know how hard it is to put a project like that together,” she said. “He made it even harder for himself by getting like 300 people in the music video. It was really easy for me to go sing a few lines.”

Kit Chan at National Day Parade 2015
Kit Chan performing 'Home' at the National Day Parade in 2015. The singer said in 2015 that it was likely to be her last NDP.

To Kit, ‘Home’ is more than just her personal favourite - it’s like her music legacy and despite having performed it countless times over the past two decades, “I don’t get sick of it”. The 46-year-old attributes it to the energy of the audience that she feeds off during each performance.

“Unlike my own songs, when I perform ‘Home’, it is usually before a Singaporean audience, and somehow they own the song. So you get the feeling it’s not just YOU putting in energy - everyone else is putting in the energy. It’s always a collaboration even though I am singing it solo.”

But if you are still keeping your fingers crossed that Kit will come out of “NDP retirement” soon, you’re going to be disappointed.

“For the foreseeable future, I really don’t see myself doing another NDP, but that’s not to say never. If somebody asks me after a few years, I might be like ‘Oh yeah! That’s kind of fun again!’” she said. “Check with me in five years.”

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