Mortifying theatre moments with the Three Phantoms

A game of “Never Have I Ever” unveils tales of wardrobe malfunctions, flubbing lines and annoying distractions from Earl Carpenter, Kieran Brown and David Shannon

Earl Carpenter, David Shannon and Kieran Brown
Earl Carpenter, David Shannon and Kieran Brown 

Photos: Tammi Tan
Video: Foong Mien Shi, Genice Ooi

The world of musical theatre presents a certain image of power, prestige and perfection – but even the most seasoned of performers can be prone to a variety of hiccups and mishaps on that glamorous stage.

It’s okay. We’re all only human after all.

West End stars Earl Carpenter, Kieran Brown and David Shannon, who are in town to headline A Night at The Musical with Three Phantoms, are no exception. The trio displayed [surprisingly] boisterous behaviour during their interview with Toggle yesterday, where we got to find out a little more about their upcoming shows tonight (May 12) and tomorrow, as well as embarrassing tales from performances past (more on that in a bit).

Three Phantoms is a songs-from-the-shows extravaganza featuring all the musicals we have been in at some point of our career,” shared Earl, who recently played Inspector Javert in last year’s local staging of Les Misérables. He added that it’s also “about giving audiences an insight into us as performers rather than the characters we are renowned for”.

Concertgoers can look forward to stunning live renditions of beloved tracks not just from The Phantom of the Opera, but also from other classic favourites like Wicked, Cats, Mamma Mia! and Les Misérables. Joining them are Alistair Barron, Olivia Brereton, Marisa McIntyre, Lisa-Anne Wood, as well as local pianist Joel Nah.

When asked how different it is gearing up for a show in a hot country like Singapore compared to cooler climates, Earl said that something they have to get used to is the air-conditioning, which isn’t as ubiquitous in London. However, the biggest “victims” of our island’s weather are the women.

“The biggest problem is for the girls when it comes to their hair, because the humidity tends to make their hair a little bit big,” said Kieran with a sympathetic expression, before cheekily adding, “Which honestly makes us laugh.”

Speaking of laughter, read on to find out what we learned from the Three Phantoms during a highly amusing game of “Never Have I Ever”, during which we got them to reveal some of the most embarrassing and memorable things that have happened to them on stage:

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