Nathan Hartono lands first leading movie role

He will star in Warrior of Love, Singapore’s first car racing-themed movie

Nathan Hartono lands first leading movie role

Nathan Hartono has confirmed his first leading movie role in upcoming movie, Warrior of Love. The car racing-themed movie will be a romcom that portrays the journeys of self-discovery of a starry-eyed girl (casting yet to be confirmed) who dreams to be a professional car racer and the Prince of Speed (Nathan Hartono).

Nathan emerged as the first runner-up in Sing! China in 2016, which caused his popularity in Singapore and abroad to skyrocket. He shared his thoughts on landing his first leading movie role, “I’m excited to start! I am still very raw when it comes to screen acting for I have only been involved in a handful of projects that involved acting so far (…) I do feel the pressure but it is the good kind of pressure; the kind that drives me to improve and do greater things.”

Nathan Hartono lands first leading movie role

The movie, which has a production budget of US$1.8 million (S$2.54 million) aims to minimalise the use of CGI (computer-generated imagery) and will instead rely on actual stunt and precision driving by several professional drivers.

Warrior of Love is slated to start principal photography in August and will be shot in Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan. It is helmed by local director Derrick Lui and co-written by Singapore’s Boris Boo and Taiwan’s Gavin Lin and Hermes Lu.

Nathan has acted in theatre productions such as Next to Normal, Spring Awakening, as well as HBO TV series, Halfworlds.

Photos: Vanessa Caitlin, SIMF Management

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