Of first times and second chances with the cast of 'Take 2'

The cast spoke about their misadventures and wayward younger days at the movie’s press conference

Of first times and second chances with the cast of Take 2
L-R: Ryan Lian, Wang Lei, Maxi Lim, Gadrick Chin

Video: Charlene Chong

Chinese New Year is almost upon us, and with it will come a host of festive films that will grace cinemas just in time for the holidays. Among them are the three Lee’s (Li Nanxing, Christopher Lee and Mark Lee) The Fortune Handbook and Jackie Chan’s Kungfu Yoga, and along with them is a rather unconventional choice for a Chinese New Year movie - Take 2.

The film, which marks local producer Ivan Ho’s directorial debut, revolves around the misadventures of an unlikely band of brothers made up of former cell mates - and by cell mates, we mean prison buddies. Ah Hu (played by Ryan Lian) vows to turn over a new leaf after being released from prison and teams up with Mad Dog (played by Wang Lei), Jian Ren (Maxi Lim) and Sha Bao (Gadrick Chin) to set up a ramen stall to earn a living.

Little do they know that Ah Hu’s son, Ah Guang (played by newly-discovered talent Shawn Ho) would retrace the footsteps that they took once upon a time and end up in trouble with the big bad boss of the underworld Di Tie (played by Chen Tian Wen), culminating in the quartet’s brave and hilarious rescue mission.

Of first times and second chances with the cast of Take 2
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Given that the movie is based on the not-so-squeaky clean pasts of its characters, the cast ‘fessed up to their misadventures in their younger years at the movie’s press conference held at the Park Hotel Clarke Quay yesterday afternoon.

“I’ve done all sorts of things when I was younger,” Wang Lei let on with a chuckle. “I’ve even been arrested and charged, so I was pretty much like my reel-like self back in the day.” He confessed that he was once a runner for an illegal bookie and had his home raided by the police one day.

“The police arrived at my house and asked my family members, including my wife and my mother, to squat on the floor,” he revealed. “My heart hurt when I saw that, so I told the police that I was the one who did all the wrongdoing and asked that they leave my family out of it. I brought out all the evidence they needed and they didn’t even need to search the place at all.”

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