Rui En and Elvin Ng not disappointed despite no win

The two actors with juggernaut fan bases have something to say to their disappointed fans

Rui En and Elvin Ng

Text: Toggle team

After leading the online polls for Favourite Female Character award for four straight weeks, the tables turned on Rui En – at the very last minute – as Jeanette Aw took home the coveted award for the second consecutive year.

When Toggle caught up with the hot favourite contender backstage, before she made her exit from the TV theatre, Rui En said with a smile, “[I’m] not [disappointed] at all.”

“[Winning] awards has never been my goal; my goal has always been to improve my [acting] in shows.”

Instead, she hopes fans will not be too disheartened by her loss and wants them to remain optimistic despite the turn of events. “I just want to tell them to not take it too seriously because all these awards – and the Star Awards – is like a game. Don’t take these games too seriously.”

Rui En in a backstage interview with Toggle

Added Rui En: “I know my fans will be disappointed but I hope they can pick themselves up and just move on and maybe try better next year. You know what I mean?”

When asked if she had encountered fans who entertained suicidal thoughts over the online awards after Jeanette spoke about it on stage, Rui En replied: “No. If I had a fan who’d harbor such thoughts, he/she is not my fan. I wouldn’t consider them a fan. My fans have always been level-headed”

She may have gone home empty-handed last night, but the actress was in good spirits and was even seen cheering enthusiastically for her 2014 drama, Against the Tide, when it picked up a total of three wins for Best Cameraman for Drama Programme, Best Programme Promo and Best Director. Against the Tide’s director Loh Woon Woon also thanked Rui En onstage for being a source of inspiration in her thank you speech.

“I’m really happy because we’re a team. When you’ve gone through so much with your team and you see them receiving these awards. You’d feel happy too,” quipped Rui En on ATT’s triple win.

Elvin Ng and Zhang Zhen Huan sharing a light moment on stage

Equally in good spirits – despite not winning any awards —was Elvin Ng, who told Toggle that he is “not disappointed at all” and in fact considers himself “very lucky (to have won)” in the past few years.

“I’m really happy for Zhang Zhen Huan too. He entered the industry about the same time as me and I’ve been very lucky all this time. So to see him finally winning an award after working so hard makes me really happy for him,” he shared.

He joked about how fellow artistes teased him about being a possible winner for the Most Popular Regional Artiste (Cambodia) award and said: “I think Jeanette’s really strong on the social media front and The Little Nyonya is well-received in Cambodia too. Having visited the country a few times last year doesn’t mean I’d receive this award. So it didn’t occur to me [that I would win it].

“They should present one male and one female award for it next year. So simple, right?” he jokingly suggested in return.

That said, he’s most worried about his disappointed fans, Elvinology, whom he knows have voted day and night for him. “It’s all their effort all these years. I’m the one receiving the award and I just have to say a thank you speech. It’s not that difficult for me but they’re the ones losing sleep over this.

“I’m going out to comfort them and maybe treat them to a good meal later,” he added.

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