SA2016: Qi Yuwu, Jeanette Aw bag top honours

The well-loved artistes brought home Best Actor & Actress, as well as Favourite Onscreen Couple

SA2016: Qi Yuwu, Jeanette Aw bag top honours

At long last, after being nominated six times for Best Actress since 2003 but ending up empty-handed, Jeanette Aw finally emerged victorious with her lucky number seventh nod at last night’s Star Awards 2016, for her role as Zhao Fei Er in The Dream Makers 2.

In a backstage interview after picking up her trophy, the actress admitted that she was feeling “unusually nervous” this year as the time to announce the winner approached. But at the same time, she was revelling in all the “positive energy” surrounding her from friends, family and the media.

“I’m particularly happy because this year, I received more well wishes compared to the past,” she gushed. “And the fact that there are a lot of people who are happy for me makes me even happier.”

Unfortunately, not everyone was so optimistic about her chances of winning. One acid-tongued “Mediacorp senior exec” slammed her (and other Best Actress nominees) in a prediction piece, saying, “Do you think the time has come for Jeanette Aw to bag the top prize? Fat chance.”

“I was just very shocked,” she said of the criticism, which she also addressed on stage. “But I felt that in a way it did kind of summarise my career (laughs), because I’ve been nominated so many times and gone home disappointed so many times, so when I read that I thought, ‘Ah, will it happen to me again?’ But with all the support and hope that I would win, I thought, ‘This doesn’t add up!’ So yes, today I’m very touched and happy.”

WATCH: Jeanette Aw: I was very nervous!

New All-Time Favourite Artiste Qi Yuwu, who has also been nominated for Best Actor multiple times (nine, to be exact), added a second trophy to his collection (his last triumph was in 2011 for The Family Court) for his role as Jason Lam in The Dream Makers 2.

“Although I don’t act for the awards, I’m still very happy to receive this,” he said in his acceptance speech, which he elaborated on backstage: “Awards are a form of recognition, and I treasure that, but at this stage, I don’t need an award as affirmation. I just hope to spread positive energy for the local entertainment scene to grow.”

When asked about his plans to celebrate, Yuwu said there are none, and that he will probably just go home, shower and sleep. There won’t be plans to celebrate his wife Joanne Peh’s birthday today (April 25) either as she has to fly to China to host a show. He did, however, buy her a gift (which he couldn’t reveal on camera, of course).

In addition to the two top honours, Jeanette and Yuwu were also crowned Favourite Onscreen Couple (also for their roles in The Dream Makers 2), while Jeanette bagged Favourite Female Character (again, for Zhao Fei Er).

At the Star Awards Post Party, both artistes told Toggle separately that they feel very comfortable working with one another. Jeanette added that she hopes that the next time she and Yuwu are romantically paired up onscreen, their characters will actually have a happy ending.

Yuwu, on the other hand, wants his next fictional love line with Jeanette to have a fresh take, or not to play lovers with her at all, as it may become too boring. He also confessed that it may be strange to be paired up with Joanne, and he is worried they might take any on-set disagreements home with them.

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