Shaun Chen’s family may attend this year’s Star Awards

Fans may finally get to catch a glimpse of the actor’s wife and daughter


Photos: Camelia Ting, Toh Zi Yi
Video: Tan Shi Qi

Shaun Chen is not ruling out the possibility of his wife, Celine, and daughter, Nellie, making an appearance at this year’s Star Awards. The couple married in July last year, with their daughter born in December the same year.

The actor was speaking to Toggle at the filming of upcoming Channel 8 drama The Dream Job, which is set to air in June this year. Shaun, who has yet to reveal any pictures of his non-celebrity wife, shared that she has mentioned her desire to attend the annual awards show. However, the actor, who is up for a Best Actor award for his role as Zhang Jia in The Journey: Our Homeland, is worried that there would be “no one to take care of our baby”.

The actor even laughingly asked if the public wants to see his daughter and admitted that while he “has thought of bringing his wife and baby to the awards show”, he worries that they “might not be used to the media attention.”


Plans for second child postponed

The new dad who is "not getting any younger" once expressed his desire to have a second child as soon as possible, but let on that these plans have to be shelved for now.

“I think it [our plans for a second child] will probably be something for next year. But we’ll see the situation then. [You] never know.”

The actor’s schedule for the next few months is jam-packed with filming commitments. After filming for The Dream Job ends, Shaun might be heading to Taiwan in April to film a movie, before heading back to Singapore to film a new drama in May.

The Malaysian actor, who was in Perth to film for The Dream Job two weeks ago, also revealed that he has yet to see his wife and daughter since his return last Friday as he was busy with the family’s new abode.

The family of three are currently in the midst of relocating to Singapore, and are set to officially move in in two weeks’ time. Shaun declined to reveal further details about his new home, and would only say that it was his “ideal house”.

Additionally, the couple did not hold a wedding banquet when they got married last year and have plans to hold one in Malaysia, as it is more convenient for the couple’s families, who live there.

Plans for a wedding banquet in Singapore are still up in the air, but if there were to be one, the actor will only be inviting “close friends”.

The actor, who used to be a billboard model, also hopes to be able to film a commercial together with his family. “If there are any companies out there who wish to use us as their model, then we can appear together on say, a magazine cover or as brand endorsement models.”

The Dream Job debuts 27 June, 9pm on Channel 8

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