Shaun Chen to welcome baby girl in December

Actor and father-to-be revealed he married his Malaysian girlfriend, Celine, in July this year

Shaun Chen declined to share pictures of his wife for privacy reasons

Good things come in pairs: 2015 is shaping up to be an eventful year for Shaun Chen -- not only did he pick up his first acting award for his role in The Journey: Tumultuous Times at the Star Awards ceremony in April, he married his girlfriend in July and the couple are expecting their first child – a baby girl – due in December.

Shaun, who was never revealed to be in a relationship since his divorce four years ago, explained in a phone interview with Toggle that he decided to keep the news tightly under wraps to protect the identity and privacy of his then-girlfriend and wife, Celine.

Without going into too much details, Shaun shared that he and his wife, who is in her 20s, have known each other and dated for over a year and the pair registered their marriage in Malaysia in July this year.

The couple found out about the baby’s arrival in late March, before the Star Awards ceremony, but Shaun had to keep the news to himself as it was still “early stages” of the pregnancy.

Showbiz buddy Chen Hanwei too, only just learned of the news a few days ago. “He’s really happy for me of course because I finally have a family of my own,” he chuckled.


Shaun wants to protect his wife from unnecessary attention

His wife, a former beautician, is not familiar with show business, explained Shaun, “I want to protect her and I don’t want to change, inconvenience or create any disturbances in her life, which is why I do not wish to divulge too much information about this.

“I have no intentions to make a show out of my personal life, and I think it’s important to maintain some personal space.”

When asked if he has shared the good news with his former wife, Michelle Chia, Shaun declined to comment on the matter and hopes to focus the attention on the good news instead.

With his acting career on track, the dad-to-be quipped that the baby arrived at an opportune time for him and his then-girlfriend, when they were beginning to plan for their future.

“It has been a very good year… I feel that I’m ready for this and mentally prepared. I’ve always wanted to start a family of my own and have kids too, so I have finally gotten what I’ve always wanted and definitely look forward to this new phase of life,” he added.

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