Stefanie Sun’s manager denies pregnancy claims

The Singaporean singer was rumoured to be pregnant with her second child after announcing that she was “unwell”


Singapore singer Stefanie Sun’s manager recently dismissed rumours that the 39-year-old was pregnant with her second child.

These rumours surfaced after the singer’s company, Universal Music, announced last Tuesday that Stefanie was taking a temporary break to recover as she was feeling unwell. As a result, the autograph session for her album, which was supposed to be held on Saturday (Nov 18), was also cancelled.

Taiwanese media then reported that Stefanie was not ill, but was actually pregnant and therefore had to take extra care of the baby due to her mature age.

Her Weibo post on Saturday, in which she wrote that “being hungry in the middle of the night is torture”, further fuelled speculations as netizens claimed that it was a sign of early pregnancy.

However, Stefanie has since stepped out to deny the claims, announcing through her manager that “I am not pregnant, even though I hope I am.”


The singer married businessman Nadim Van Der Ros in 2011 and welcomed her son the following year.

She had previously said that she plans to try for a second child when she turns 40 next year.

Photo: PBE Media

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