Stefanie Sun’s son revealed to have leaked pregnancy secret

The five-year-old informed his whole school about the good news

stefanie sun son

Local singer Stefanie Sun confirmed good news of her pregnancy last month (Jan 25), after speculations surfaced when the singer cancelled her autograph session and reportedly took a break because she was unwell.

According to the singer, her five-year-old son, nicknamed Na Xiao Zi, had been unable to contain his excitement about becoming an older brother, and leaked the news of her pregnancy before she announced it.

“Everyone in his school already found out [about the pregnancy], even before I made an official announcement,” the 39-year-old mother joked. Her son also seems to be looking forward to playing with his new sibling, and has not shown any signs of jealousy.

Stefanie is due sometime in July or August, and the baby’s gender is still not known.

Last Saturday, Stefanie promoted her latest album A Dancing Van Gogh in Hong Kong, drawing cheers from fans who were glad to see the expectant mother.

Addressing media and fans at the event, she shared that the start of her pregnancy was tough, but assured fans that she is feeling better now. She also revealed that her colleagues took extra care of her and made sure she had her meals on time.

When asked if she felt any different after getting pregnant, the singer jokingly shared that she is now “less lonely during promotions”.

Photo: PBE Media

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