Tanglin’s Nat Ho, Gayle Nerva pair up for music gig

Did you know that apart from being castmates on Channel 5’s Tanglin, the two of them were once Singapore Idol contestants too?

Tanglin’s Nat Ho, Gayle Nerva pair up for music gig

Fans of Tanglin, rejoice. You’ll be able to see two of the cast members, Nat Ho and Gayle Nerva, take the stage this weekend at the NEXT festival. The pair will be putting on an hour-long performance, which will showcase songs by both artistes, along with a duet. Other than Nat and Gayle, local acts such as Olinda Cho, BECKA, Jack & Rai feat Second Sunrise and Lin Si Tong will also be performing at the 10-hour extravaganza.

“I think we have a pretty surprising connection between us – we were both on (Singapore) Idol, are on Tanglin together, and I actually did my first hosting gig with her, too!” Nat Ho chuckled over the phone as we caught up with him earlier this week.

Explaining that he was “only notified about this gig about a month ago”, Nat confessed, “I’m a little bit stressed but Gayle is a great partner and the band that we’re working with, The Momma Shop, is very established and our first rehearsal was amazing. Last week we were busy filming and the only day we could make it, the band couldn’t make it. We finally managed to meet on Monday, so I’m not that worried now.”

Nat has been busying himself with quite a bit as of late – not only is he busy filming Tanglin till next January, he’s also working on Love Bento, a healthy bento box stall he co-owns with his partner Zech Wu, along with making preparations to launch his upcoming album.

The four singles on his album will each have a music video to accompany it, and while the video for his first single ‘Snakes and Ladders’ was completed last year, Nat chuckled that he is still working on making the other three happen.

Tanglin’s Nat Ho, Gayle Nerva pair up for music gig

‘Snakes and Ladders’ will be released on May 4, with the video to follow on May 15. While he kept mum on the finer details, he did let on, “The video is quite dark – you know, when Nat Ho does a music video, it’s usually quite unusual and something that hasn’t really been seen from Singaporean artistes. Expect lots of surprises. It has Jae Liew and Sheila Sim in it, and expect to see a side of Jae that people have never seen.”

Sharing that he first approached Gayle to collaborate on the show, Nat shared with us that his reasoning behind the decision was simple: “I’ll be showcasing some of my new songs from my upcoming album and she features on one of them, so inviting her to perform was a really natural process. She’s someone who is very talented but also really underrated and I thought it’d be nice to have more people know her music, too.”

In a separate interview with Gayle, the bubbly newlywed shared that she has been a bundle of nerves ahead of the gig. She explained, “I haven’t performed live shows for almost two years, so I was a little bit nervous to say yes because I haven’t been singing live for so long. It was really short notice – he asked me like at the start of the month and I wasn’t sure if I could prepare myself in time.”

Apart from the duet with Nat, Gayle will also be singing four of her own songs – three of her singles and an unreleased track that she will be treating her fans with.

While she’s busying herself with both rehearsals and filming for Tanglin, Gayle chuckled that her mind is, for the most part of it, not on work. “My only goal is to finish the house that I just bought with my husband – it’s the only thing that’s on my mind! I’m doing all the designing myself and we’re working together with the contractor. I’m drawing out all the layouts, so it’s really quite a bit of work for us.”

As for whether or not we’ll be seeing any of their Tanglin cast mates, Nat and Gayle shared that they have shared the good news with their fellow cast members, and that they have expressed their excitement about the gig. Gayle chuckled, “I don’t exactly know who will be coming or not, but they did say that they’d try to make it down, so I’ll be looking forward to that.”

NEXT will be held on April 29 (Sat), from 11am at Max Atria @ Singapore Expo. Tickets are priced at S$20 (excluding booking fee) and are now available on SISTIC.

Tanglin airs on weekdays, 8.30pm on Channel 5.

Catch up on past episodes on Toggle or watch advance episodes on Toggle-It-First.

Photos: Nat Ho, Gayle Nerva

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