Tanya Chua remains coy about the new man in her life

Will she be singing and writing new love ballads now that she’s in love?

Tanya Chua remains coy about the new man in her life

Photos: Melinda Woo
Video: Tay Yixuan

Tanya Chua is finally back home for her first concert in four years, Lemuria World Tour 2016. Wearing her favourite red lipstick and looking as radiant as ever, Tanya lit up the room almost immediately as she greeted everyone resoundingly, seemingly laidback, with a cuppa in one hand.

The 41-year-old admitted at an interview with Toggle early this year that the lack of love in her life was the reason why she has not been composing her trademark heartbreak ballads, so could there be any possibility of new tracks and album from her since she has now announced that she is in a relationship with her French boyfriend, Johan Martin?

“To be honest, I haven’t started composing anything yet! I’ve been too busy!” the singer-songwriter said. “But I’m also looking forward to the kind of music that I will be making next”, now that she is in a different stage of life and in her words – “a different me”.

Tanya’s previous album, Aphasia, was released late last year and she dabbled in a completely different genre – electronic music, which proved to be a challenge for her, as she had a number of emotional breakdowns during the production of the album. Shortly after, she jetted off for a three-month baking course in Paris in February this year, where she gained more than just baking skills – she found love and started dating Johan who is a French pastry chef.

“Yes, we met there (referring to the baking school)… he is a baking teacher there” the singer admitted abashedly, in between long pauses, when asked about her love story with Johan, as if unable to string a proper sentence whenever questioned about her new 34-year-old beau. 

Despite being upfront about her new relationship on social media, having posted several intimate couple pictures on her Instagram account, Tanya remained secretive about her love life during the interview and preferred to avoid questions surrounding the topic. However, she did let in that distance is not an obstacle in a relationship and believes that “as long as you want to do something, you spend time [on it], and you’ll make an effort.”

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