Tay Ping Hui makes a foray into regional market

The local actor is the first Singapore artiste to sign on with China-based entertainment company Perfect World Pictures

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Photos: The Celebrity Agency, Tay Ping Hui

After 20 years with Mediacorp, local actor Tay Ping Hui is embarking on an exciting new chapter of his acting career in the regional market (rest assured that no bridges were burnt in this transition).

The 47-year-old has become the first Singapore artiste to sign on with Perfect World Pictures, a China-based entertainment company that is touted as “one of the most active marketers of foreign films” in the Middle Kingdom and has co-produced numerous Hollywood blockbusters with Universal Pictures, such as Pitch Perfect 3, The Mummy and The Huntsman: Winter’s War.

Ping Hui already has a foot in the Asia-wide scene thanks to his impressive role as Genghis Khan in Chinese drama The Legend of the Condor Heroes, which garnered rave reviews from audiences and Executive Producer Guo Jing Yu, who praised his “vibrant energy”, “manly charisma” and “well-maintained physique”.

“It is every actor’s dream to venture overseas,” shared Ping Hui in a media release this morning. “The challenges I faced when I was in China were real and tough, but the training, development and experience I have gained through my years in Mediacorp have prepared me well, as I am sure it will be for the future ahead.”

He went on to clarify that “this is definitely not goodbye”. “No doubt I will be focusing most of my energy on the China market but I would be delighted to work with Mediacorp again if the role is suitable and my schedule allows. As for these coming months, Singapore viewers can still catch me on Tanglin and a new Chinese drama, Babies On Board.”

Other projects in the pipeline for Ping Hui include another Chinese period drama, Handsome Siblings, as well as a remake of local TV classic The Awakening, which will be produced by Perfect World Pictures and is scheduled for release in late 2019.

Ping Hui as Genghis Khan in 'The Legend of The Condor Heroes'

Doreen Neo, Chief Content Officer of Mediacorp, expressed that the company is “proud” of Ping Hui’s achievements and “our role in providing him with a platform for his talent”.

She also took the opportunity to address recent reports about artistes leaving the company, clarifying, “Mediacorp enjoys a broad range of relationships with artistes, from per show contracts to annual hours of commitment that vary with each artiste, according to the needs of both parties.

“We have practiced such variation and flexibility for more than a decade because we understand that artistes would like to pursue opportunities in the industry as well as their personal passions. Working with Mediacorp on a project basis gives artistes the most flexibility.

“Whichever arrangement, we seek to work with the best person for any role. As the media company with the widest range of platforms in Singapore, Mediacorp has an integral role to play in finding and nurturing talent in the industry.”

Ping Hui made his acting debut in 1998 and has since become one of our Little Red Dot’s most established and popular thespians, racking up many accolades and honours such as Star Awards Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor and All-Time Favourite Artiste.

Stay tuned for more as we speak to Ping Hui at today’s press conference!

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