Tay Ping Hui plays Genghis Khan in blockbuster drama

The actor recently completed over a month of filming in China

Tay Ping Hui plays Genghis Khan in blockbuster drama

Tay Ping Hui recently wrapped filming for upcoming Chinese blockbuster drama The Legend of The Condor Heroes. In it, he will play Temujin, also known as Genghis Khan.

He flew over to China’s Hengdian and Lanzhou after wrapping filming for Channel 8’s Hero in July, and completed shooting this month. The leads are young stars Yang Xuwen and Li Yitong. Ping Hui has since returned to Singapore and spoke to Toggle over the phone to tell us more about his experience there.

His previous historical drama was 2006 series The Legend and the Hero, which starred Fan Bingbing and Steve Ma. This time around, he was mostly involved in battle scenes, which took place in grassy fields while he was on horseback.

Tay Ping Hui plays Genghis Khan in blockbuster drama

Given that it was summer while he was there, daytime temperatures soared to highs of 40 degrees while they plunged to around 10 degrees at night. Apart from the layers of padding and battle gear he had to put on, he also had to wear a thick coat to look the part. Wearing up to four layers in the sweltering heat caused him to perspire endlessly, with Ping Hui sharing that his entire outfit “weighed about 15kg in total”.

Chuckling, he shared, “It wasn’t me who had a hard time – it was my horse! I weigh close to 90kg and with my outfit, I probably weighed around 100kg. I spent around eight to nine hours on it on a daily basis – isn’t the horse pitiful?”

Given that the last time he rode a horse was over a decade ago, he production team asked if he needed a body double for the horseback scenes but Ping Hui declined as he wanted to take on the rare opportunity. He was given 15 minutes of rehearsals before the cameras rolled and an accident happened out of the blue during his very first scene.

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