Tay Ping Hui plays Genghis Khan in blockbuster drama

The actor recently completed over a month of filming in China

Tay Ping Hui plays Genghis Khan in blockbuster drama

The scene involved Ping Hui leading around 70 men on horseback to storm a town, with all of them needing to fit through a 10-metre wide gate. “This is the first time I’ve ridden so fast with that many horses. Everyone was in battle gear and holding weapons so it was pretty dangerous because any of us could easily fall down and get trampled by all the horses riding past,” he explained.

As the leader of the group, Ping Hui was riding in front with only one hand holding on to the reins as his other was carrying a large blade. His right leg got hooked onto something and he fell from his horse. Everything happened too fast that he didn’t have time to panic, with his first instinct being to use both his hands to protect his head.

Tay Ping Hui plays Genghis Khan in blockbuster drama

Saying that it was a blessing in disguise to have been donning the “impenetrable armour” that he was wearing, he shared that he did not suffer any scrapes or cuts on his back and does not have any fear of riding horses even after the incident. The scene took two to three days to complete as the director required multiple shots of the battle.

The drama is slated for a release early next year, with Ping Hui sharing that he is unsure if he will be flying back to China to promote the show. If given a chance, however, he shared that he would love to return to meet the cast and crew he filmed with for over a month.

As for his plans for the rest of the year, he shared that he would love to film a movie in the near future, citing his dream role as “someone who’s traversing between the realms of good and bad”.

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Story by Camelia Ting

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