The anti-social (media) club: Narelle Kheng

The Sam Willows singer Narelle Kheng shares more about her push-pull relationship with social media

Narelle Kheng dressed as her character in LifeSpam, Cindy.

Imagine waking up in a world where Facebook and Instagram have become obsolete, long replaced by newer alternatives. Mind-boggling, right?

Background story: 26-year-old Cindy is pushed into a whole new world after lying in a coma for the past 12 years. Having regained consciousness right in the middle of a gaming live-stream by her older brother, Kian Boon, who goes by the ‘intimidating’ name of Killbeast online, the clueless Cindy (played by Narelle Kheng from the band, The Sam Willows), is immediately launched into the world of virality and stardom.

While this might sound like a dream come true for many, (just think of all the sponsored freebies and online validation you’ll get!), Cindy is very much still a 14-year-old mired in the 2000s.

Will Cindy be able to successfully navigate all the pitfalls that come with insta-fame? Only time will tell.


Unlike Cindy, Narelle, who has over a hundred thousand followers on Instagram, is definitely familiar with the boons and banes of being Insta-famous, though it may not be something that she necessarily enjoys.

“I’m not against social media per se, but I’m not really an online kind of person. If I had the choice, I would love to not be on social media, but it’s kind of impossible these days,” the 23-year-old shared during an interview with Toggle in-between takes while filming Toggle’s latest original series, LifeSpam.

Narelle went on to explain, “Don’t get me wrong, I love social media, to a certain extent. I will [go on a social media] detox, but I wouldn’t live without it. It’s a great platform to share your life with others, or put out art or works that you’re proud of.”

With so many different people on social media these days, one is bound to come across something that just gets your goat.

For Narelle, it’s the younger kids who have a certain “delusional idea” of social media.

“What makes me upset is when I see kids trying really hard to live a certain life on social media, when it’s not genuine at all. Sometimes, they spend so much money, and everything ends up being for the ‘gram’ (Instagram) in the end. It makes me very sad, because they’re just not focusing on the legit things in life,” she mused

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