‘The Pillowman’ returns…with new ways to torture

Adrian Pang, Daniel Jenkins and Shane Mardjuki admit it’s been “surprisingly fun” preparing for the gruesome thriller; plus, find out how you can win a pair of tickets to the play!

‘The Pillowman’ returns…with new ways to torture
'The Pillowman' stars Shane Mardjuki, Daniel Jenkins and Adrian Pang

Photos: Tammi Tan, Pangdemonium

After being bombarded with countless requests to bring thriller The Pillowman back to the Singapore stage, Pangdemonium is finally making fans’ dreams come true – exactly 10 years later.

Set to run from February 24 to March 12 at the Victoria Theatre, Martin McDonagh’s award-winning play will have three of its original lead actors, Adrian Pang, Daniel Jenkins and Shane Mardjuki, returning to their roles – although, as we learned during our interview with the trio on Monday (Feb 6), there was some “serious internal consideration” to do some swapping.

“We thought of playing around with the roles but oh, I want to slip into my old pyjamas – if it ain’t broke, why fix it?” said Adrian, as Daniel concurred, “As interesting as it would’ve been, it would’ve been a bit off!”

In The Pillowman, Daniel plays Katurian, a writer who is being questioned by detectives for his gruesome short stories that bear resemblances to a series of real-life child murders. Adrian and Shane play his interrogators Tupolski and Ariel respectively, while Andy Tear, who was Katurian’s father in the previous rendition, now takes on the part as his brother Michal.

‘The Pillowman’ returns…with new ways to torture
Andy Tear, Adrian Pang, Shane Mardjuki, Daniel Jenkins

While the heart of the play will remain the same as its 2007 version, audiences can also look forward to a slight revamp, such as a “radically transformed” set and a level of violence that’s gotten “a little bolder”. Smoking restrictions that previously weren’t in place have also forced them to find alternative ways to take on a scene.

“Last time, a cigarette was instrumental as part of Katurian’s torture, but because smoking is no longer allowed on stage, we’ve had to find other clever ways to inflict pain,” shared Adrian with a grin, refraining from revealing any more salacious details.

Whether you’re a curious newcomer to the show or one of those who enthusiastically lobbied for its comeback, that teaser alone should get you excited to see what these storytellers have up their sleeves. Read on for more from our interview!

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