Tosh Zhang: From Ah Boy to ballad star

The 27-year-old stars alongside Cheryl Wee in his first leading role

Tosh Zhang: From Ah Boy to ballad star

Photos: Lee Wei Lin, FLY Entertainment
Video: Kimberly Tay

A Chinese ballad or a romance film might be the last thing you would associate with Tosh Zhang – a thought previously echoed by the star himself. Despite his initial apprehension, the 27-year-old has made not just one, but two breakthroughs for upcoming film My Love Sinema, in which he plays the leading role and sings the theme song for.

“Honestly, I wouldn’t be sitting here if not for (comedienne and Fly Entertainment boss) Irene Ang and the My Love Sinema team. Initially, when I heard the song, I told them that it wasn’t my style because I’m more of a rapper. I’ve always felt like my voice might not be that suitable for singing,” he professed shortly after the launch of the official music video for his song, ‘Fang Ying Ai’.

Tosh Zhang: From Ah Boy to ballad star

The Mandarin ballad, which speaks of love and love lost, was especially challenging for Tosh to record because he needed both “the right emotions and the right pronunciation” for every single word. Enlisting the help of fellow Ah Boy Wang Weiliang when he first said yes.

“I’d practise with him every single day, repeating the lines over and over again, but I gave up after two weeks because he was that bad,” Weiliang joked. “No, but seriously, I didn’t have enough time to help him after that but I listened to the final song and I think he did really well.” The 29-year-old was present at the launch party to show support for his buddy.

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