Vivian Lai’s husband and kids made her care more about her health

The actress-host admits that she wasn’t particular about her wellbeing until she had her daughters


  Vivian Lai’s husband and kids made her care more about her health

Daphne Khoo uses music to make chemo "less boring" for patients 

As the survivor of a rare ovarian cancer, Daphne “is more than happy” to talk about her trials. The 29-year-old former Singapore Idol finalist is also using her talents to help those who are going through what she did by returning to perform at Singapore General Hospital’s annual MusicFest this Friday (Oct 28). 

“For me to be able to entertain and talk to (the patients) is a very enriching experience for myself, and hopefully I manage to make that one day of chemotherapy less boring for them,” she said. 

The former Berklee College of Music student also shared that she will be moving to Los Angeles next month to further her music career. On the cards at the moment is an acoustic EP featuring the songs she has sung live at various concerts but never recorded in the studio. 

But before that, Daphne will be taking on a 5km run on November 13 with her older sister Astrid, also an ovarian cancer survivor. The duo will be participating in support of one of the marathon's beneficiaries, the Breast Cancer Foundation.

"I'm working out at least three times a week (to prepare for the run) but I'm hoping to make it a daily thing," said Daphne. "Astrid walks a lot at work so she's always mocking me because well, my job is singing, so I just sit around all day," she said, laughing. "But we have started training together and we're getting somewhere." 

Vivian Lai’s husband and kids made her care more about her health

Paul Foster was reminded to go for a health check himself

Rather than finding it difficult to talk about losing his father to tongue cancer almost 20 years ago, Paul believes he is honouring the late elder Foster every time he shares their story, which he hopes serves as an inspiration. 

"This campaign isn't just about those who have survived cancer, but also about those who have survived losing a loved one to cancer," he said. "To me, anyone who gets up to share their experience is awesome." 

Attending yesterday's event, where the message of "early detection saves lives" was repeated, reminded the 35-year-old that he himself needs another comprehensive health screening, as his last one was when he just turned 30. 

"I've spoken to a lot of people who would rather not know if they're sick, and that's a funny way to think – why not go get a check-up to make sure you're in good health?" He mused. "It's easy and a lot of them are free of charge, so there's really no excuse."

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