Ya Hui hospitalised for suspected food poisoning

The MediaCorp actress was struck down with vomiting fits and diarrhoea from 11.30pm last night (September 24)

Ya Hui hospitalised for suspected food poisoning

At 6am this morning (September 25), MediaCorp actress Ya Hui shared a picture on Instagram that stirred up worry amongst her followers.

In the post, which has garnered over 2,000 likes so far, an IV drip needle is shown inserted into her hand. She accompanied it with the caption “So this is how painful it is” in Chinese. Over a hundred fans quickly expressed their concern and well-wishes in the comments section.

Too weak and tired to speak on the phone, Ya Hui shared with Toggle what happened via text message. According to her, she started feeling unwell at about 11.30pm, and began vomiting every half an hour until 2am. Things only got worse after that when she started having diarrhoea (while still throwing up at the same time), and it even got to a point where she was vomiting water as well.

Singapore’s current haze only made matters worse: at 7pm last night (September 24), the three-hour PSI (Pollutant Standard Index) crossed the “Hazardous” 300 mark for the first time this year. Ya Hui claimed that these conditions caused her to have breathing difficulties, weakening her further.

After she was rushed to the hospital in the early hours this morning, doctors discovered that in addition to her vomiting and diarrhoea, Ya Hui was also sporting a high fever at 39 degrees Celsius. These symptoms worried her at first, but a blood test determined that there was nothing out of the ordinary, leading to suspicions of food poisoning.

Ya Hui recently wrapped up filming for Channel 8’s long-form drama 118 and is currently shooting upcoming Chinese New Year series House of Fortune alongside Thomas Ong, Chris Tong, Kym Ng and Shane Pow.

Ya Hui hospitalised for suspected food poisoning

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Channel 8's House of Fortune premieres on January 19, 2016.

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