YES 933 deejay Siau Jiahui announces engagement to mystery man

She will tie the knot with her beau, whom she would only refer to as “Mr. T”, at the end of the year

YES 933 deejay Siau Jiahui announces engagement to mystery man

Siau Jiahui would like to clarify something: she and fellow YES 933 presenter and Mars vs. Venus co-host Cruz Teng are not and have never been a couple, despite what some fans might have suspected or wished for.

Instead, the bubbly deejay has been seeing someone else outside showbiz for the past two years, and the couple will be getting married at the end of this year. According to the bride-to-be, her partner works in the finance industry, is in his mid-30s (“two to three years” older than Jiahui, who declined to reveal her age), and met her through a matchmaking pal. They were friends for about two months before taking their relationship to the next level.

And that’s about all we were able to dig out about her hubby-to-be during our phone interview yesterday morning. “He is a very low-key person and isn’t used to having a lot of attention on himself,” Jiahui explained. Even his name was kept a secret from us, with her asking us to refer to him as “Mr. T”, and she would only share pictures that did not show his face.

When asked how “Mr. T” popped the question, Jiahui said that as they had already talked about marriage and even gone to select their rings together (she opted for a classic, one-carat diamond band), she knew about his proposal beforehand. “We’re not particularly romantic people, and I’m not the type of girl that expects something extravagant and expensive – the money should go towards the actual day!” she said.

But even the ceremony itself, which Jiahui said will likely take place in November, will be a “simple but heart-warming” affair in a hotel ballroom, attended by close friends, family and colleagues. While details like the venue, photographer and make-up were settled in the first half of the year, she has yet to find time for the pre-wedding shoot.

As for her gowns, Jiahui will not go for something too revealing. “I don’t have a particularly good figure, so the most I will expose is my back. (laughs)”

YES 933 deejay Siau Jiahui announces engagement to mystery man

After the wedding and honeymoon (most probably in a European country like Italy), the newlyweds will live together with one of their families while they wait to move into their own flat. Only then will they think about starting their own brood.

“We want to make sure the house and renovations are all completely settled before we can consider the next step (of having kids),” she said. “Maybe at the end of next year? I don’t feel like thinking too far ahead. (laughs)”

In the meantime, Jiahui is preparing for her upcoming life as a wife by improving on her housework skills and learning how to cook. “For now I’m able to whip up some basic dishes like fried salmon,” she shared. “I’m actually quite traditional and believe that home-cooked meals create a more complete feeling of family – it’s sad if a husband has to eat outside all the time!”

For now, her status as a YES 933 jockey will not change – at least for the remaining half of this year. “I have not thought about my work arrangements after the wedding,” she said. “I’ll see how things go.”

Catch Jia Hui and Cruz Teng on Mars vs. Venus every Monday at 9pm on Channel U. You can also catch up on previous episodes on Toggle.

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