Yvonne Lim gives birth to daughter in Taiwan

This is the local actress’ second child after Alex Junior was delivered in December 2014


Local actress Yvonne Lim has delivered her second child, a daughter, in Taiwan. Greeting for the world for the first time today (January 6) in the afternoon, and the proud parents shared that Alexa weighed in at a healthy 3.4kg and was delivered by C-section. Both mother and child are well.

Speaking to Toggle over the phone, Alex shared that Yvonne was still recovering from going under general anesthesia for the operation, and has yet to see their daughter. “My first thought when I saw her was ‘Wow, she’s so small’. Although she’s around the same weight as AJ, I think she looks smaller than he was.”

Explaining that Alexa’s name was decided upon by Yvonne, Alex chuckled, “I was the one who decided on AJ’s name, so I actually suggested our daughter to be called Yvonne Junior, but she said no and I think she wanted to keep to the theme of our kids having their names starting with A, so she decided on Alexa.”

The couple planned for Alexa’s delivery earlier this week after the doctor’s examinations confirmed that the little one was ready to meet the world. That, together with Singapore actresses Zoe Tay and Hong Hui Fang’s visit to Taiwan to be with Yvonne during her delivery, led to them deciding on the delivery date.

Although AJ has yet to meet his little sister, Alex shared that he has a rough idea that his mei mei (younger sister) was on the way, and kissed Yvonne’s tummy goodnight every day before bedtime.


Zoe and Hui Fang landed in Taiwan last night, with Hui Fang posting a wefie that included herself, Zoe, AJ, Yvonne and Alex on her Instagram account early this morning. Hui Fang and Zoe were also present at the clinic and saw baby Alexa after she was delivered.

Hui Fang shared that she will be spending about 10 days in Taiwan to accompany Yvonne as the latter’s father is unable to visit her during this time. While Alex is unsure of their exact plans on how long they will be staying with Yvonne, he thanked them for helping to look after his wife as he will be shuttling between the home, where he will be looking after AJ, and the clinic, where Yvonne is resting.

Yvonne will be doing her confinement in Taiwan, and has expressed her desire to head back to Singapore once Alexa is fit for travel.

Yvonne tied the knot with Alex Tien, who is a member of Taiwanese boy band B.A.D, on September 7, 2014 and gave birth to her first child, Alex Junior (also known as AJ), in December of the same year.

She announced last June that she was expecting baby number two and that her second bundle of joy would likely be born in January this year. With hubby Alex openly expressing his desire for an entire brood of children, Yvonne had shared with us that he had started talking about a third child even while she was pregnant with her second one.

When asked if he wants another baby to expand the family, Alex replied that he intends to let nature take its course as Yvonne has lamented to him that baby-making is not as easy as he thinks and that "men don't understand the pain women go through."

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