Yvonne Lim welcomes baby boy, Alex Junior

Celebrity couple Yvonne Lim and husband Alex Tien welcomed their first child today

Yvonne Lim and Alex Tien at their September wedding banquet this year
Photos: Artiste Management Unit

Following Andie Chen and Kate Pang’s Aden, Fann Wong and Christopher Lee’s Zed, we now have another addition to the growing brood of celebrity kids on this little red dot, Yvonne Lim and Alex Tien’s little bundle of joy, Alex Junior.

Originally due to be a countdown baby, Yvonne and Alex was afraid their baby wouldn’t be about to “tahan (last) till” the actual countdown on December 31 and decided to opt for a Caesarean-section in the afternoon today, after visiting their gynae on Christmas Eve, said Alex, during a phone interview with xinmsn just now.

Weighing a healthy 3.6kg, Alex said that his first reaction when he saw Alex Junior (nicknamed ‘AJ’ by his parents) was: “Woah! So big already!” He added that AJ’s Chinese name would be decided by his dad, the baby’s grandfather.

When we asked him if the baby took after him or Yvonne, Alex jokingly said, “They say the baby will look different every day. He’s a bit bloated due to water retention right now – so he looks like me (laughs). I don’t know exactly who he’d look like when the water retention goes down. But right now, he looks chubby, so that’s like me.”

Alex Junior
Recalling his experience in the operating theatre, the first-time father said, “Everything happened so fast. The baby was out in no time and started crying so loudly. I cut the umbilical cord and then we had to take his weight, do some measurements, injections and then settle the paperwork.”

“Everything went really smoothly. The baby’s out!” he chuckled.

Alex shared that apart from trying to keep a cool composure, he had to calm Yvonne down too because “she’s really afraid of pain.”

“She has heard of different stories from different mums. But at the end of the day, she was really brave and when the baby was crying, I could tears come down from her eyes. I almost cried too,” he shared, “But I had to stay calm.”

First family photo of Alex, Yvonne and their newborn son
The former boyband member let on that he started recording with his Google glasses when AJ came out and intends to show the baby the footage when he grows older.

Alex shared that it has been a steep learning curve for both of them as first-time parents. Since getting back to the ward, they’ve been learning how to handle the baby, latching, swaddling and more. “I’m not really good at it yet, but I hope I can get everything hands on,” he said.”

With Yvonne due to do her confinement in Singapore, Alex shared that he’d be accompanying her throughout the entire period and said his family members would fly in to visit after the peak travel season during Christmas and New Year is over.

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