Zhang Zhen Huan, Julie Tan score first Best Supporting wins

The pair played reel-life lovers in The Dream Makers 2

Zhang Zhen Huan, Julie Tan score first Best Supporting nods

Photos: Lee Lay Na, Toggle

The Dream Makers 2 swept the majority of the awards at Star Awards 2016 Part 2, and wins for the Best Supporting Actor and Actress were no exception. Earning their first awards in these categories were Zhang Zhen Huan and Julie Tan, who played reel-life lovers in the drama. This is his fourth and her second nomination in their respective Best Supporting categories.

This being his eighth year in showbiz, Zhen Huan, who played television host Chen Guang, declared this award as something he’s waited for a long time. “I never dreamt that I would be able to receive a performance award one day,” he explained. “I used to get told off by the director so much when I first entered showbiz that I wondered if I was suited to be an actor.”

“Finally, not only have I managed to pull through the tough times but I’m happy (because) I get to do the thing that I love most, so I’m really happy that I managed to get this trophy,” the 32-year-old continued.

“My mind was blank when they announced my name (…) I feel that the other nominees did an excellent job so we really didn’t know who would come out tops. I count myself lucky to have been able to receive this trophy today,” Zhen Huan mused.

On his fellow nominees, Chen Tian Wen (118), Edwin Goh (The Dream Makers 2), Andie Chen (The Journey: Our Homeland) and Ian Fang (Tiger Mum), he expressed, “Apart from Edwin, who lost out slightly because of his young age and therefore lack of experience, I think the other four of us had a strong chance of winning the award. Even for everyone seated in the theatre, I’m sure they had their different opinions of who did best as well.”

Zhang Zhen Huan, Julie Tan score first Best Supporting nods

“Regardless of whether I won this award tonight, I wake up every morning feeling grounded and I’ll use the same attitude and mindset to face what I enjoy doing. Getting this award won’t change anything,” Zhen Huan declared.

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