Last year, the Toggle team sat down for intimate conversations with eight well-loved local artistes, where we learned about their undiscovered pasts, hidden struggles and other intriguing sides that are rarely seen or heard.

If you are one of the thousands who read, watched and enjoyed the interview series, we have awesome news for you: Toggle Talk is back for a brand new season, featuring eight new artistes and their exclusive stories that you’ve never heard before, as told by the stars themselves. This time, we have uncovered even more tantalising tales about their lives – in and out of the spotlight – that you won’t want to miss.

And, as usual, we had our videos cameras on-site so you can witness all the laughter, tears and candid confessions exactly as they happened.

Debuts June 1, every Wednesday.

《Toggle 星客驾到》第一系列深获好评,6月1日卷土重来! 陈泓宇、庞蕾馨、李国煌、赖怡伶、方伟杰、庄米雪、徐彬、雅慧来做客。

新系列,新话题。 《Toggle 星客驾到2》尺度更宽、内容更辣、嘉宾更放! 从台前到幕后,从爱情到婚姻,从孕事到房事…他们放胆说,Toggle 敢敢播!

你,准备好了吗? 6月1月起,每逢星期三,Toggle独家推出!

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