Of making babies and marrying Andie: Kate Pang

Toggle Talk returns with a new lineup and Kate Pang starts the ball rolling with tales of her troubled past, unexpected pregnancies and unsuccessful bedroom activities

Of making babies and marrying Andie: Kate Pang

Photos: Lee Lay Na

Born and bred in Taiwan, Kate Pang would never have thought that she’d one day come to Singapore to further her career, much less settle down and build a family. Her rose-tinted glasses were shattered at a young age, with her parents going through a divorce when she was still a child.

Moving out to live on her own at the tender age of 16 after growing up under her grandmother’s watchful eye, Kate started her career in modelling and at the same time, dated a number of men but never found Mr. Right. By what she calls a stroke of fate, Mediacorp came a-knocking when the company flew to Taiwan to cast fresh faces. She arrived on our sunny shores in early 2010 and the rest, as they say, is history.

It was a double surprise when she announced her marriage to fellow artiste Andie Chen and pregnancy in 2013. The couple previously denied being in a relationship and admitted that they had never thought of tying the knot despite knowing that they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together.

Baby Aden changed all that and more. The pair celebrated their second wedding anniversary last November, and with their second child (a girl this time) due in June, the 33-year-old confessed that bedroom activities between man and wife have not been as smooth-sailing as they once were. This has become one of the biggest bones of contention between the couple – and what’s more, the couple no longer share a room.

From unexpected confessions about what goes on behind closed doors in Andie and Kate’s home, revelations about why her grandmother was initially worried about her choice of groom to the reason behind Andie’s need to continuously brainwash her, read and watch on for more.

Coming to Singapore and settling down was never part of the plan

Her childhood was far from ideal, with her parents filing for divorce when Kate was still pretty young. She grew up with her grandma but moved out when she was 16 and earned a living by taking up modelling.

While she was happy with her modelling gig back then, Kate hungered for more, with acting coming into mind. The competitive industry over in Taiwan, however, had her manager warn her against trying.

“I think I’m a very lucky person and things that I hope for tend to come true. I told my manager that I wanted to act but she said that it would be too tough – and it’s true, you often need to go hungry as an actor in Taiwan,” the Kate explained.

But as fate would have it, Mediacorp came knocking on her door in Taiwan. “They came to cast new talent so I gave it a try. I intended to leave Singapore after my first contract with Mediacorp expired, but the company gave me so many opportunities that I signed a second one and I got married even before that was completed.”

Andie wasn’t Kate’s first brush with love in Singapore…

Who knew that this mother of one (and soon two) was a player during her younger days? She started dating at a young age since there was no one at home to “control” her and had five to six “serious boyfriends” with each relationship lasting for a long time. The shortest relationship she has ever been in lasted for a grand total of six months, which isn’t too short, in hindsight.

But things changed when a man named Andie Chen entered her life, after they got to know each other on the set of Channel 8 drama series, Joys of Life. “After we started dating, he’d think of my ex-boyfriends from time to time and find it a little strange. We’d then just brush it off and carry on (with our lives),” Kate laughed.

“Andie was my first serious boyfriend after I came to Singapore, and also the first showbiz boyfriend who I thought had the potential to go the distance with (…) I did have good feelings towards other men and with regards to my dating rumours back then (with fellow actor Jerry Yeo), I can only say this: there’s no smoke without fire.”

Of making babies and marrying Andie: Kate Pang

… And the pair never imagined that they’d find their happily ever after with each other

We’ve all heard about ideal types and probably have an idea of what we’d like our future husbands or wives to be. Andie and Kate were no exception – but they were the types who either party would never imagine seeing themselves married to.

“When we look back, we can also hardly believe that we’d end up together. We’ve asked each other, “How did you end up by my side?” because we’re both not each other’s types. His ideal wife is someone who’s like Rebecca Lim, someone very warm and homely, or Ann Kok, who’s very sexy. I’m someone who’s in the middle and does things my own way, so he’s said that marrying me could be his retribution,” Kate laughed.

“I’ve always liked men with milky skin, and the people that I’ve dated all had pretty good skin. I felt that guys needed to be fair and pristine – flower boys are my type. That being said, Andie isn’t ugly and I pay more attention to the feeling I get from the person more than his appearance itself. What’s more, we truly get along so well, it’s like we’re living with ourselves.”

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